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  • Phil Robertson
    Response to Phil Robertson’s atheist rape parable
    On Friday, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame gave a talk at the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast. In his speech, he fantasized about a hypothetical situation in which an atheist is forced to watch his two young daughters and his wife raped and...
  • Proofs of supernatural origin
    Proofs of supernatural origin
    Atheism is a doctrine which denies the existence of deity, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Anathema means something or someone that is very strongly disliked, according to that same dictionary. Atheism then, is anathema to those who...
  • God's Beautiful Creation
    Arguments against Christianity (Part 2)
    Atheistic, anti-God arguments abound. This article [a continuation of the previous offering] presents several of these arguments, along with Christian responses. These responses are offered in the spirit of love with the hope that those who are...
  • The Good One Percent Club
    New atheist charity asks for one percent
    “The GoodOne PercentClub” is a newcharityprogram launching today and was created by the people ofWe Are Atheismas part of their“Atheism Giving Aid”initiative. The new program seeks to encourage atheists to donate just one...
  • How "God" Works
    Review: ‘How “God” Works’ by Marshall Brain
    Best known as the founder of the website, Marshall Brain’s new book examines how God works. “How ‘God’ Works: A Logical Inquiry of Faith,” takes readers on a journey of critical thinking and actually...
  • Governor Sam Brownback
    A majority of Republicans want a national religion
    Face-offs between religion and science are becoming more frequent in the modern world in recent years, and people on all sides of the debate are starting to really ratchet up their rhetoric. Whether it’s the battle over whether or not to...
  • Steve Hill
    Atheist comedian runs for state senate
    California’s 21st state senate district is holding a special election on March 17. The current state senator, Republican Steve Knight won his November election to the US Congress. Republican Sharon Runner is seeking to replace him. With no...
  • Darwinape
    Arguments against Christianity...and some responses
    Atheists look determined to disprove the existence of God. They attempt to provide some arguments that suggest there is evidence that God does not exist. A reader, in the comment section of one of my articles, supplied me with several of these...
  • Reply to an Atheist on to judge or not to judge?
    Reply to an Atheist on to judge or not to judge?
    Herein we continue, from part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5, considering objections raised by an Atheist from “The Skeptic Arena” who goes by the pseudonym “Neo” with regards to my repository website TrueFreethinker...
  • Chapel Hill shooting
    Atheist community condemns Chapel Hill shooting
    On Tuesday, February 10, Craig Hicks shot and murdered three young Muslims in their condo in Chapel Hill, NC. Hicks, who also lived in the condo complex, claims that the shooting was over a parking dispute. He is also an outspoken atheist and as a...
  • The three victims
    Will Obama call the execution-style slaying of three Muslims 'random'?
    Shortly after5 p.m. last night,police in Chapel Hill, N.C.,responded to a report of gunshots. When they arrived at the location where the shots had been fired, they found three victims: 23-year-oldDeah Shaddy Barakat of Chapel Hill, 21-year...
  • Atheism
    Atheist Stephen Fry will not have to worry about walking to the gates of heaven
    Either way whether there is no God or there is a God, atheist Stephen Fry will not have to worry about how Fry will confront God at the pearly gates of heaven. This is not how the process is setup.
  • Small Miracles
    The seductive math of everyday miracles
    A few weeks ago, I carpooled to an academic conference with a colleague who recently started attending AA meetings. His decision to quit had come after at least a decade of heavy drinking, and he was in that volatile period where every day is a...
  • Why do Atheist countries lead the production of child pornography?
    Why do Atheist countries lead the production of child pornography?
    In declaring himself to be an Atheist evangelist, Matt Dillahunty referenced “the actions” people “take on behalf of their beliefs” and that “if you really care about the actions you work to educate people so that...
  • God, faith, and religion.
    Actor Stephen Fry calls God “maniac,” if God exists
    Recently, an interviewer asked actor and spirited atheist Stephen Fry what if he was wrong and God existed. What would he say?Fry responded, "Bone cancer in children, what’s that about? How dare you, how dare you create a world where...