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  • The process proposed by Canadian researchers to obtain "deferred consent"
    What is 'deferred consent'?
    In a previous article, we examined the shortcomings of some informed consent procedures in clinical trials in the United States. In the current article, we take a look at the process known as "deferred consent," and analyze its adherence...
  • AstraZenica
    AstraZeneca agrees to buy Omthera Pharmaceuticals for $323 million
    AstraZeneca PLC has agreed to purchase Omthera Pharmaceuticals for $323 million, but the final purchase price could be as high as $443 million, provided that Omthera meets certain goals.If this deal is approved by regulators, AstraZeneca will...
  • Drug companies just say no to social networking
    Drug companies just say no to social networking
    Social networking sites such as Facebook are popular in Los Angeles; furthermore, some Angelenos have accessed sites presented by pharmaceutical companies. In recent years, Facebook and the pharmaceutical industry have had an uneasy relationship....
  • drugs.jpg
    Med-based insurance hikes: Drug companies need to add another side effect
    flickr photo by epSos.deI was watching TV the other day and caught a commercialfor a drug called Seroquel, which is used for the treatment of mental illnesses such as bipolar depression, schitzophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder.Here&rsquo...
  • Dr. Janet Taylor shares her thoughts on the Bipolar Journey
    Dr. Janet E. Taylor touches lives through the NAMIWalk in St. Louis
    Although St. Louis can’t claim Dr. Janet E. Taylor, MD as one of its own, it can brag about being touched by her life in a number of ways. For starters, Dr. Taylor is at the heart of one of the exhibits in NAMI WALK St. Louis 2010.Dr. Janet...