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  • The process proposed by Canadian researchers to obtain "deferred consent"
    What is 'deferred consent'?
    In a previous article, we examined the shortcomings of some informed consent procedures in clinical trials in the United States. In the current article, we take a look at the process known as "deferred consent," and analyze its adherence...
  • AstraZenica
    AstraZeneca agrees to buy Omthera Pharmaceuticals for $323 million
    AstraZeneca PLC has agreed to purchase Omthera Pharmaceuticals for $323 million, but the final purchase price could be as high as $443 million, provided that Omthera meets certain goals.If this deal is approved by regulators, AstraZeneca will...
  • Drug companies just say no to social networking
    Drug companies just say no to social networking
    Social networking sites such as Facebook are popular in Los Angeles; furthermore, some Angelenos have accessed sites presented by pharmaceutical companies. In recent years, Facebook and the pharmaceutical industry have had an uneasy relationship....
  • drugs.jpg
    Med-based insurance hikes: Drug companies need to add another side effect
    flickr photo by epSos.deI was watching TV the other day and caught a commercialfor a drug called Seroquel, which is used for the treatment of mental illnesses such as bipolar depression, schitzophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder.Here&rsquo...
  • Dr. Janet Taylor shares her thoughts on the Bipolar Journey.
    Dr. Janet E. Taylor touches lives: A bipolar journey
    Although St. Louis can’t claim Dr. Janet E. Taylor, MD as one of its own, it can brag about being touched by her life in a number of ways. For starters, Dr. Taylor is at the heart of one of the exhibits in NAMI WALK St. Louis 2010.Dr. Janet...
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