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  • Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help
    Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help
    “It feels shameful and unfair how other people shout down from their numb high places in life. Get a job, get a grip, cowards!” What is lacking in these kinds of moments, the sense of direct connection, compassion and empathy which...
  • Samantha praying
    Prayer is listening to God
    Prayer is a word we hear frequently these days, but how many actually pray? Prayer is the act of communing with our Creator. It is not a one way conversation, though. We must listen as much, if not more, than we talk. Just as in a conversation...
  • resized_Yosemite_Tree_Clouds.jpg
    Be Brave in All That You Do!
    Be brave and daring in everything you do. Strive to challenge yourself to learn and grow and to know yourself and the world and the universe around you. We need you to be brave, determined and challenging. Listen to life's subtle messages and...
  • resized_White_Flowersm1.jpg
    "It is only with the Heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye."
    We do not simply see with our eyes. It is important to see with your heart. Seeing with your heart is looking at life with empathy, guidance and a willingness to learn and to love. It is important to spend some time in quiet without all of life&...
  • resized_Golden_Gate.jpg
    The Power of Asking (continued) you ask for something to help you in your life, how will you know when it has happened? If you have asked for information about something or greater insight or awareness how will you...
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