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  • iPhone 6c Photo Leaked
    Could This Be the Face of the New iPhone 6c?
    Just as the advent of the four seasons come and go like clockwork, so do the rumors and obligatory “leaked” photos for new iPhone models appear year after year. And according to a report released by the website
  • Cheese and apples create a special pancake
    Cheese and apples create a special pancake
    With this week being Holy Week and we prepare for Easter, let's look at some recipes this week that would be fitting for your holiday celebration. You may be looking for some new and different recipes to try this Easter, so this week, I'll...
  • Apple’s newest USB
    Apple’s newest USB: C for charge!
    On March 9, 2015, Apple announced their newest iteration of the Macbook (starting at $1299 and available in silver, gold, and space gray). Most interestingly, this compact laptop (approximately 0.5” tall x 11” wide x 7.7” deep)...
  • Mike Pence
    Republican Gov. Mike Pence, Indiana, drawing ire from powerhouse CEOs
    Perhaps one of the most powerful CEOs in the world, Apple Inc.'s Tim Cook, has begun to speak out against the newly signed Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Cook declared his sexual orientation last year and has added his voice to other tech...
  • Tim Cook and the Apple Watch
    If You Want an Apple Watch, You’d Better Reserve One
    The Apple Watch launches in a little less than a week, but if you're planning to waltz right into your local Apple Store on launch day to get a specific configuration, you’re out of luck pal. A source from within a flagship location said...
  • Apple to accommodate people who don't want big phones
    Next iPhone, the iPhone 6c, to be smaller according to latest reports
    Now that iPhones 6 and 6 Plus have been around almost six months, it's time for rumors about Apple's next phone to circulate. reported on March 26 that Apple is considering releasing an iPhone 6c in the fall of 2015 and that it...
  • MacBook on Display
    Want to buy a MacBook with 10TB storage?
    Anyone who has been a tech fan over the years knows that storage capacity is important and that the cost for it consistently goes down. But if Intel and Micron have a say in all of this, these two electronics industry giants will be making a great...
  • Apple the King!
    iKindom: Where Apple is the king
    With a profit the size of a telephone number, Apple is definitely the most visible success in a sector more notable for wide swings in fortune.Chief executives seldom admit to being surprised by their companies’ performance. There is,...
  • President Barack Obama speaks with British Prime Minister David Cameron in the White House Jan. 16. on cyber security and other issues.
    Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft unite, urge Obama to stop data collection
    Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and a host of others sent a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama, House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and a host of government officials, as reported March 26 on...
  • Susan Bennett
    Interview: Susan Bennett discusses Voice of Siri and other voice-over work
    Susan Bennett is widely known as the popular Apple “Voice of Siri.” Apart from giving directions, she has done voice-overs for a number of popular companies including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Discovery Channel, Delta airlines and...
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    Internet of Things (IoT) microelectronic packaging tech advances
    The advanced packaging segment of the microelectronic industry is ramping up efforts to develop new products and services to meet the demand for the Internet of Things (IoT), according to reports presented at the recent IMAPS Device Packaging...
  • Unpacked Event Features Samsung S6 Edge
    Samsung S6 Edge
    Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? It is quite a good time to do so, if you are contemplating updating. Multiple manufacturers have recently established new phones that they'll happily exchange to get a slice of your hard-earned, sweat...
  • Anti-smartwatch
    War of the watches: Anti-smartwatch movement takes on Apple, other tech giants
    With Apple unveiling its highly anticipated smartwatch on April 24, a small group of resistance fighters has been gathering, trying to thwart the tech giant. Known as the “anti-smartwatch” movement, this ragtag team of traditional...
  • BecomingSteveJobs
    Apple endorses ‘Becoming Steve Jobs,’ the latest take on the late icon
    “Becoming Steve Jobs,” a new, unauthorized biography of the late Apple visionary is set to be released Tuesday, March 24. Since Jobs’ passing, Apple has distanced itself from portrayals of the co-founder’s life and career...
  • Steve Jobs and John Sculley
    Is just me, or does Microsoft truly suck?
    I started a business in 1986 using the first Apple computer that that company produced. It was a “Plus”. My business was research and custom publishing under the name Talon Publishing, Inc, Tampa, Florida. Can you imagine performing...
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