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  • Can Breastfeeding prevent Ear Infections?
    Can Breastfeeding prevent Ear Infections?
    Can the simple act of breastfeeding prevent or avoid the painful, exhausting experience of ear infections in children? Possibly.Breastfeeding, we all know, enhances the immune system of mother and baby. Inside our bodies lie antibodies,...
  • HIV organization
    Potential new therapy for chronic HIV infection
    Two recentstudies show that a new generation of antibodies that specifically target human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 can drastically reduce virus levels, providing long-term control of HIV. These results suggest that antibody therapy may be...
  • Couple
    More U.S. teens at risk for genital herpes than in the past
    A growing number of teens in the U.S. lack the antibodies that would help protect them against genital herpes in later life, according to a study published in the Oct. 16 online edition of The Journal of Infectious Diseases.Researchers at the...
  • Amazed baby
    You wont belive how benefical breastfeeding is
    Breastfeeding is the most important during the first six months in a babies life. Choosing to breast or bottle feed is the most important decision for the mother and the baby. There are many organizations like The American Academy of Pediatrics ...
  • Treating breast cancer with smart drugs
    Treating breast cancer with smart drugs
    A smart drug is akin to a smart bomb: the medication delivers toxins directly to the cancer cells while not harming nearby normal cells. The findings of a study evaluating the investigational agent trastuzumab emtansine (T-DM1; Roche/Genentech)...
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