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  • Anarchist group promoted in vandalism of Santa Barbara newspaper
    California newspaper vandals promote self-described ‘anarchist’ group
    A California newspaper has been vandalized for using the term “illegal aliens.” The Santa Barbara News Press office building was spray-painted with the phrase "The border is illegal, not the people who cross it," Fox News...
  • Amanda Curtis
    Montana Democrats pick 'anarchist at heart' to run for U.S. Senate
    On Saturday, Montana Republicans posted a YouTube video montage of statements made by Amanda Curtis, a 34-year-old math teacher and state representative who was picked by Democrats to replace Sen. John Walsh, the Democrat who dropped out of the...
  • Harry Reid
    Anarchist is the new racist: Reid finds a new bogeyman
    On Friday, Senate Leader Harry Reid (D) told the American people that he believes the Tea Party Movement is comprised of Anarchists that are trying to destroy the federal government.Reid made that statement in a powerful speech on the Senate floor...
  • The freedom of commerce: buying, selling, trading and networking (Video)
    The freedom of commerce: buying, selling, trading and networking (Video)
    Billions of dollars are spent every year by individuals buying educations in a system that detests a free market. Unfortunately, the phrase itself has become as much an anathema as anarchist and for much the same reasons. It is important to...
  • Occupy Chapel Hill linked to "anarchists"
    Tea Party showing needed versatility Occupy lacks
    As of this week, it's now obvious that the Tea Party has the versatility to make it a lasting movement - and Occupy lacks it. As far back as October, it was obvious that the ability to survive cold weather - not police action - would decide...
  • Anarchy logo prominent at Occupy Chapel Hill, Oct. 22, 2011
    Occupy's ultimate limits in helping Tea Party
    What are the Occupy movement's ultimate limits? In particular, what is the most that it could "get away with" - even in a politically-favorable place thatacquiesces toit? The answer to that question determines what is the most it...
  • Breaking the chains
    G-20: Early release on parole for David Japenga
    David Japenga, the Lawrenceville resident jailed for the unrest during the 2009 G-20 photo-op/summit has been released on parole, earlier today.When asked about the proceedings, Patrick K. Nightingale, Mr. Japenga's defense attorney, stated...
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