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  • The Altar is Ready, But Where's the Sacrifice?
    The Altar is Ready, But Where's the Sacrifice?
    We are now in the twenty-first century. CHRIST has already come into the earth realm in the flesh, died for our sins, rose again on the third day, and HE now sits at the right hand of GOD. So, it goes without saying that CHRIST was the last blood...
  • Marie Laveaux
    Honoring the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveaux on St. John's Eve
    Each year on St John's Eve, adherents of the New Orleans Voudou religion make their preparations for honoring the great Voudou Queen of New Orleans. A longstanding tradition, Voodoo baptisms have been performed on the banks of Bayou St. John...
  • Meditation, it’s the sudden crossing over into the subtle world
    Meditation, it’s the sudden crossing over into the subtle world
    “Meditation is a gentle way to unloose our moorings. It isn’t so forceful that it pushes your perception into a new domain; instead there is a gentle arrival into subtler feelings and insights.Through our brief voyages into the subtle...
  • Litha altar decorations
    Litha altar decorations
    Litha (Midsummer) falls on June 21st this year. On this day Pagans honor the Sun God and the pregnant Goddess. Litha is also a time to celebrate health, fertility, communing with nature, love, protection, and divination. Bangor area Pagans will be...
  • The Solstice Altar
    Rituals should be enjoyed with family
    Each family has its own rituals. Some are complex and require going to a church or synagogue or temple. Others are simple, needing only the family and their personal space. There are as many ways of performing family rituals as there are families...
  • The Church: A Place of Refuge
    The church: A place of refuge
    We see many times in the Old Testament that people could go to a city designated as a place of refuge. As long as that person was there he was safe. No harm whatsoever would come to him.God designed the church to be a physical place of refuge....
  • Ancient altar
    Jesus statue is reminder to remember
    In Monroe, Ohio Solid Rock Church erected a new statue of Jesus overlooking I-75. The statue stands 52 feet tall and replaces the former “Touchdown Jesus” statue that was struck by lightning in June of 2010. The new statue is slightly...
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  • St. Joseph Church Altar
    The meaning and symbolism of altars
    An essential part of every Catholic Church is the altar. The altar is the place of sacrifice, the symbol of a banquet, of Christ, the sacred spot where the priest brings Christ to earth in the Eucharist. In Lincoln, there are a rich variety of...
  • Papel picado shadow
    El Dia de los Muertos: Honoring culture and ancestors through colorful tradition
    A unique blend of humor, whimsy and the macabre are the elements that have kept El Dia de los Muertos, or The Day of the Dead, alive and kicking among the non-Hispanic set throughout our country. Typically celebrated throughout Mexico and various...
  • Crystal Ball... not for just the witchy, anymore!
    Beyond the Obvious ~ Part One
    When we experience intuition, most of us simply call it a hunch and leave it at that. What is a hunch, or gut feeling, such as the impression that we have been here before? Some of us know the phone is going to ring, and even know who it is on the...