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  • 58-year-old Gatorama is getting a facade facelift
    58-year-old Gatorama is getting a facade facelift
    Gatorama, an Old Florida attraction, recently broke ground on a new façade. "Right now it looks a little messy, but we can already see the beautiful changes in the front," said owners Patty and Allen Register of their update to the entry...
  • TOP: Dorothy will not turn over the Silver Shoes. BOTTOM: The Witch fights everyone for the shoes.
    Oz on Film, Part Ninety-two: "Return" Rundown, Part Three
    In the palace of the Wizard of Oz, that personage is finishing his day's work of addressing his subjects through his refurbished giant head. One sultry supplicant arrives and proceeds bold as brass into His Wizness's inner sanctum. Asking...
  • Old Pompey, Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, VA
    Christmas alligators at the Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, VA
    Very well, I'm stretching a Jefferson Hotel legend, but the alligators must have enjoyed the Christmas decorations. At the turn of the 20th century, Richmond's elegant Jefferson Hotel used to stock live alligators in the fountain of the...
  • Airboating at Boggy Creek
    Airboating at Boggy Creek
    One of the most unusual and exciting experiences of back country Florida can be found only minutes from the giant theme parks of Disney, Universal, Sea World, etc. If you have never been on an airboat it is an opportunity that you really shouldn&...
  • Flying over White Alligators and Cranky Crocodiles
    Flying over White Alligators and Cranky Crocodiles
    O.K., I'll admit I stretched the truth a bit with the headline. You don't actually fly over the white gators. You'll have to get back down to earth to see the two different types of white alligators, but you really do get to fly over...
  • A Louisiana sunrise
    Floating on Louisiana marshland in Cameron Parish
    The air at dawn is thick with humidity. The haze is a sheet of gauze softening the flat landscape, filtering the sun and damping the sounds of wildlife just awakening. The mosquitoes are out though, for this is the wetland of Louisiana.Fed by...
  • Dog eating alligator still on the loose in Orlando's Eagle Nest Park
    Dog eating alligator still on the loose in Orlando's Eagle Nest Park
    Authorities have continued their search for an 11-foot mean alligator in West Orlando's Orange County who scooped up a nearby resident's 55-pound puppy in the lake on Monday as the dog and his owner played fetch.Eric Mantral Glover, the...
  • Alligator eats Orlando man's 55 pound puppy
    Alligator eats Orlando man's 55 pound puppy
    King, a tan and white pit bull puppy, was only ten-months-old when an alligator snatched the dog up from the riverbank at Eagles Nest Park in West Orlando on Monday and dragged it back into the water. King was gone reported
  • Live alligators and Disneyland's Jungle Cruise
    Disneyland's Jungle Cruise: Ditching live alligators for humor
    Today, the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland's Adventureland is a fully animatronic water ride. It is a seven minute boat ride where passengers gaze upon robotic versions of wild animals typically found in such places as the Congo and the Amazon....
  • Florida Alligator
    2014 Alligator Harvest Training & Orientation Manual online
    The 2014 Alligator Harvest Training & Orientation Manual a 41 page pdf is available here and includes modes of take, as well as addressing injuries caused by alligators.Also online is the Alligator harvest report form as a pdf hereMore...
  • Alligator meat popular to eat again? Thank Swamp People
    ‘Swamp People’ starts alligator meat eating trend? Viewers want a taste
    History Channel’s “Swamp People” is getting the credit for people wanting to take a big bite of alligator meat. The delicacy of eating alligator has never been mainstream before, but it appears this idea might be changing as fans...
  • Rare and interesting ebay finds for your strange collection
    Rare and interesting ebay finds for your strange collection
    Most people collect something: hats, music, movie star items, animals, autographs, sports memorabilia. There are some eccentric and strange collections, too. Here are some items on Ebay that you could add to that collection, not found in any store...
  • Study reveals crocodiles commonly climb trees
    Frightening UT study finds crocodiles commonly climb trees
    A team, led by University of Tennessee researcher Vladimir Dinets, has discovered that some crocodiles and alligators can climb trees. According to a Feb. 12 article on Fox, these scientists have been observing crocodilians, including...
  • Alligator sitting in the murky water
    Alligator invasion: 80 alligators infest property, Christmas family sues company
    An alligator invasion has resulted in Tom and Consandra Christmas suing the ExxonMobil Company this week after 80 alligators infested their property. The unhappy couple was allegedly planning on building a house down in Mississippi, but can no...
  • Alligator invasion
    Alligator invasion: Couple sues ExxonMobil, claims alligators are invading space
    An alligator invasion in southwest Mississippi has caused Tom and Consandra Christmas to file a lawsuit against ExxonMobil, blaming the company for "introducing" the alligators to their neighborhood. On Feb. 5, The Epoch Times reported...
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