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  • Journalism is a crime?
    Journalism is a crime?
    Monday, June 23, brought chilling news when the long anticipated sentencing for Al Jazeera’s English-language network journalists - Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed - was announced.The Cairo courtroom judge, Judge Mohammed Nagi...
  • Last 2006 Arkansas Governor's Poll
    Arkansas Primary, Nebraska Self Deportation & Borderland
    Early voting for the Primary Elections in Arkansas starts today. Illegal immigration has been a lesser issue in this election. Here are some videos in a playlist of Arkansas Candidates and their policy on illegal immigration.
  • bin laden
    National advertisers shun Al Jazeera America for some strange reason
    When the new Al Jazeera America cable channel went live, CEO Ehab Al Shihabi said he didn't want to clutter up its news content with advertising.Looks like he's getting his wish, and then some."In its first days on the air, Al Jazeera...
  • Fake Al Jazeera Video
    Al Jazeera airs fake Video
    On it's first day of broadcasting in the United States, Al Jazeera aired a fake video of a man supposedly dying of a gun shot wound. The footage showed a man lying on his back, with his shirt covered with blood, as a woman kneeled over him...
  • Al Jazeera America logo
    How Comcast prepared their TV system in Mobile County for Al Jazeera America
    By the morning of Tuesday, August 20th, the abbreviation for the cable TV and satellite TV programming service Current TV in the electronic TV programming guides and channel information bars of the cable TV set-top boxes used by customers of...
  • Al Jazeera America logo
    How to access Al Jazeera America's programming on cable/satellite TV in Mobile
    According to the official World Wide Web site for Al Jazeera America, the new cable TV and satellite TV programming service that started broadcasting on Tuesday, August 20th, residents of Mobile and other parts of Mobile County may access...
  • Al Jazeera America logo
    Former Al Jazeera journalist says 'American bigots' need Arab news network
    In the wake of Former Al Jazeera America's Tuesday debut in the United States, former Al Jazeera Journalist Bilal Randeree has been posting some interesting tweets and messages on Facebook. Today he tweeted that "American bigots"...
  • News Reporter
    American press no longer free
    There is a serious problem with integrity in U.S. media. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of the press in an attempt to encourage honest reporting. The problems with this came about when the media companies got too...
  • Egypt
    Security forces raid Al Jazeera Egyptian television channel
    The Cairo offices of Al Jazeera’s Egyptian television channel were raided on Wednesday after Mohammad Morsi was ousted. Security forces, most likely aligned with the Egyptian military, detained at least five members of the staff just hours...
  • Soledad O'Brien Joins Al Jazeera "America Tonight"
    Soledad O'Brien signs as special correspondent for Al Jazeera 'America Tonight'
    Al Jazeera America announced Monday that former CNN show host Soledad O’Brien will be joining as a special correspondent, O’Brien will contribute to Al Jazeera America’s current affairs program “America Tonight,”...
  • School kids and bubbles
    'Streaming' in Autism Awareness Month
    Autism Awareness Month officially began on Monday, and following customs for a calendar period recognizing a specific challenge to society, news content experienced a rapid stream of information.Al Jazeera English participated in the outpouring of...
  • Sarah Palin
    Washington Post reports fake story of Sarah Palin joining Al-Jazeera
    Journalists and media outlets make mistakes, including the Washington Post, which reported that former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was heading to Al Jazeera. The reporter cited an article from a satirical news publication...
  • Say it with music
    Al Jazeera claims U.S. used ‘Sesame Street’ songs as instruments of torture
    This enhanced interrogation is brought to you by the letterI, as in Islamofascism.The website of rock station KROQ reported on Mondaythat ‘Songs of War,’ a documentary newly produced by Arabic news agency Al Jazeera, claims that music...
  • Glenn Beck
    Glenn Beck the hypocrite, calls Alex Jones a fascist (Video)
    Alex Jones’ meltdown with Piers Morgan a few days ago over firearms has finally caused what this writer would expect from Glenn Beck; a flippant response to someone who is in competition with the ex-radio star. Beck who is obviously out to...
  • Current TV Offices
    Al Gore to score a $100 million profit on sell of 'Current TV' to Al Jazeera
    Al Gore is in the process of finalizing the sell of Current TV to the foreign owned company Al Jazeera. According to Forbes on Friday, Jan. 4 Al Gore will make a profit of $100 million before taxes.Current TV is a media-based company originally...