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  • School bus crime
    School bus aide caught stealing lunches and money from preschoolers
    With so many children in this world going hungry, we come to this - a woman working as a school bus aide in Millville, New Jersey has been arrested for stealing lunch money and lunches from the preschoolers aboard the bus.Rosa Rios is 33-years-old...
  • Multiple positions at NYCERS
    Multiple positions at NYCERS
    The New York City Employee Retirement System is seeking to hire an Office Machine Aide, Level I. There are five (5) positions available, and the positions will be posted until they are filled. The job ID number is 150600. The hourly salary is $13...
  • NYC job outside NYC
    NYC job outside NYC
    The New York City Department of Environmental Protection has a position available outside of New York City, located at 71 Smith Avenue, Kingston, New York as a Principle Administrative Aide. The starting salary is $44,735.00 to $65,028.00 annually...
  • Bridget Anne Kelly-Governor Christie's aide in traffic scandal
    Bridget Anne Kelly-Governor Christie's aide in traffic scandal
    Bridget Kelly-Gov. Christie scandal: Former top aide Bridget Kelly aka Bridget Anne Kelly, is an American woman who was fired for lying about her knowledge of an email exchange indicating her involvement in a traffic jam that was caused in Fort...
  • Impact On Crude Oil, Fuel And Nuclear Power
    Japan: How can we help?
    It is a great question that many Americans are asking right now with heavy hearts thinking about all those who are suffering in Japan. The devastation is real. Not only did the country suffer a record 8.9 magnitude earth quake Friday but worse was...
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