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  • Stan Freberg and Billy Crystal
    Creative entertainer and musical satirist Stan Freberg has died at 88
    Stan Freberg, whose brilliant mind held vouchsafe the art of satire, reigned as supremely witty for three generations of audiences to enjoy, until today, as the Hollywood Reporter shared that Stan Freberg had Apr. 7, at the age of 88. If you&rsquo...
  • Mad Men Taxi Cab Ad
    As Mad Men's Wild Ride Is Ending, Branding Remains Strong
    Don Draper. Peggy Olson. Roger Sterling. Joan Holloway. Pete Campbell. For six and a half seasons, starting in 2007, these Mad Men character names have become members of the advertising community. The epicenter of that community is Manhattan, the...
  • Los Angeles drug alcohol recovery publisher stigmatizes addiction
    Los Angeles drug alcohol recovery publisher stigmatizes addiction
    The word stigma has been used frequently these days in a multitude of references ranging from mental health to addiction. This issue once again reared its ugly head yesterday for a South Florida alcohol, drug and mental health rehab owner that...
  • McDonald's Hamburger
    Fast food commercials geared to kids do not communicate healthy menu choices
    Commercials misleading; industry self-regulation failedAlthough food marketing to children is subject to state and federal consumer protection laws, these laws are rarely enforced in the United States; instead, the advertisements are monitored for...
  • Is Online Advertising Broken?
    The Biggest Problems With Online Advertising And How You Can Fix Them
    Digital marketing plays an ever more central role in most business's marketing plans. From retargeting, to social; there are plenty of creative and cost effective ways to get your brand under the noses of hundreds, if not thousands of...
  • Claudia Boekel, Chair of the IOC Athlete’s Commission, at IOC Executive Board meeting in Rio de Janeiro  February 26, 2015
    IOC to boost athlete and team sponsors with new policies
    The slogan “Athletes First” has had a challenge over the years from confusion over the guidelines for advertising featuring Olympic athletes, coaches and other participants during the Olympic Games. Commonly referred to as “Rule...
  • Budweiser
    Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Good for Bud: Great for Craft Brewers
    This article is contributed by Rob J Day. He is a Bostonian and an authority on craft beer. He's tried and rated over 2,300 unique beers and counting and he's traveled to hundreds of breweries and beer bars. Now he's here to examine...
  • Daniel Burrus
    Adaptive Ads Get Personal
    Remember the scene in Minority Report when Tom Cruise’s character walks through a mall and is hailed by ads that recognize him and speak to his specific desires and concerns?Those interactive, all-knowing, perfectly-tailored ads are a...
  • GoDaddy spot pulled after protests from animal lovers
    GoDaddy pulls Super Bowl spot after viewers protest implied animal abuse
    GoDaddy announced Tuesday night, Jan. 27, that it would be pulling a planned Super Bowl ad titled “Journey Home” from the game and replacing it with another commercial after viewers were outraged. A petition was filed on
  • Weighing pros and cons
    FDA to study shorter risk disclosures for TV drug ads
    In a move that could dramatically change the way pharmaceutical products are marketed to the public, the FDA will undertake a study aimed at determining whether a "limited risk plus disclosure" policy yields better public understanding...
  • Teens drinking beer
    TV alcohol ads tied to underage drinking
    A new study from Dartmouth College adds to the evidence that TV alcohol advertisements contribute to problem drinking in underage teens. The research, published in the Jan. 19 online issue of JAMA Pediatrics, looks at the alcohol industry and the...
  • Bud Light Announced Their Super Bowl Plans for 2015
    Advertisers snatch up 95% of Super Bowl ads for 2015
    With only a few weeks left, sports fans are ecstatic for Super Bowl XLIX. However, sports fans are not the only ones who are ready to jump out of their seats. Advertisers have been busy buying up placements for the big game. Reported today, NBC...
  • Mom and Daughter
    What your female customer is trying to tell you
    Beep, beep, beep. The alarm goes off at 5:45am. You hit the snooze button hoping to get 9 more minutes of uninterrupted sleep. Within 3 minutes the kids are up and asking for breakfast, the dog is wagging his tail in your face because he needs out...
  • Roy Edward Arevalo, Jr
    Police use new successful weapon to find crime suspects with billboard campaigns
    Wanted posters, in the form of outdoor billboard signs, have cropped up across America to help law enforcement and Crime Stoppers programs arrest more criminals. These public service advertisements are another weapon in the arsenal of tools for...
  • Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit against Facebook for scanning private messages
    Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit against Facebook for scanning private messages
    On December 23, 2014, U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton in Oakland, California denied Facebook's bid to dismiss a class action lawsuit, accusing the company of violating user privacy by scanning the content of private messages for...
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