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  • Twin girls rescued from abusive home: Children were locked up and malnourished
    Twin girls rescued from abusive home: 28-year-old mom locked children in rooms
    Young twin girls rescued from an abusive home are currently staying with their relatives. The two children, only eight years old, were said to have suffered extreme neglect from their 28-year-old mom, Kai Martinez. Canada Journal News reports this...
  • Child abuse and neglect
    Do you see the common signs of child abuse?
    Child abuse and neglect victims can face a lifetime of harmful memories and most unfortunate outcomes. Studies of child abuse and neglect sufferers show a negative impact on a child’s ability to do well in school.Additionally, victims also...
  • Twin girls rescued
    Twin girls rescued from abusive mom: 8-yr-old twins found severely malnourished
    Twin girls were rescued from a home in Washington state where their abusive mother kept them locked up and brutally underfed. The girls were found to be weighing only 40 pounds each – at least 20 to 30 pounds under the average healthy weight...
  • Sen. Vitter continues investigating free government cell phone program
    Sen. Vitter continues investigating free government cell phone program
    U. S. Senator Vitter, Chairman of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee, has been investigating the fraud and abuse of the taxpayer-funded Lifeline program in recent years. He introduced S. 56, the Ending Mobile Phone Welfare Act of...
  • Naomi Hunter: after the secret
    Naomi Hunter: after The Secret
    Last week I introduced to you Australian author Naomi Hunter and her book A Secret Safe to Tell. I found her story to be so compelling and so very important to share. Here is the second half of the interview. She speaks of her courageous steps...
  • What causes abuse of pets?
    What causes abuse of pets?
    Everyday there is another story of abused animals. Everyday there is a rescue that has more animals than it can realistically handle. There are commercials, articles and social media reach outs for having pets spayed and neutered. So what is the...
  • Jodi Arias trial: Dr. DeMarte tells the story of abuse victim Travis Alexander
    Jodi Arias trial: Dr. DeMarte tells the story of abuse victim Travis Alexander
    As every day passes, those following the Jodi Arias trial out of Phoenix, Arizona, are noting that tensions are getting high. It has been a very long time, if ever, where the defense in this case has experienced a good day in the court. As the...
  • Alcohol abuse
    Tampa alcohol abusers' risk, counselors & governments need newer laws to help
    When explaining the importance of substance use disorders, the professional counselor should have the knowledge necessary to help his client. This understanding must involved tolerance and withdrawal. Therefore, the main concern for the counselor...
  • Substance user disorder
    Tampa enjoys socialist health care affecting substance user disorder policies
    One can find, when researching this topic, the existence of two things about how substance abuse policy is created. The first thing one can find is that the United States government or the Federal government strongly pursues to control interstate...
  • Stomp out Bullying
    What is bullying? What causes bullying in the workplace?
    What is bullying?Bullying is defined as repeated unreasonable actions of an individual or groups which are intended to intimidate, force, coerce and/or aggressively dominate others. This ill-behavior is often repeated and can become habitual. The...
  • Ira Fischer
    The Dark Side of the Big Top by Ira Fischer
    Revelations about behind-the-scenes practices by circuses raise serious questions about an event that many parents regard as a rite of passage for their children. For the most part, the circus is a wonderful event. The clowns, acrobats and other...
  • Corrpt Prison System
    A Corrupt Criminal Justice System
    On June 23rd 2012, Harold Hempstead along with other inmates witnessed the torture and murder of an inmate at the hands of prison guards at Dade Correctional Institute. Harolds life is now being threatened by prison guards for telling what he saw....
  • Kornegay sisters kill brother while 16-year-old slept
    Kornegay sisters kill brother while 16-year-old slept
    Florida-based siblings allegedly murdered another member of the family as he was sleeping. USA Today and other outlets reported on Jan. 7 that two of the Kornegay sisters killed their brother with their parents' handgun. Their little sister,...
  • Abused small poodle
    Search for person responsible for wrapping poodle's snout shut with rubber bands
    San Diego, Calif. - Law enforcement officials are searching for the person responsible for the severe injuries a poodle sustained as a result of having her snout wrapped tightly with rubber bands for a long period of time, according to
  • Tyke the Elephant
    Protesting the Cruelest Show On Earth
    The Animal Rights Foundation of Floridaheld a demonstration today at 1:00 at the Palm Beach Convention Center to protest the cruelty inherent in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Protests were held at various intervals throughout...