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  • Abbas exerting pressure on Israel and the Obama administration
    Abbas exerting pressure on Israel and the Obama administration
    Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is exerting pressure on the Obama administration and using reconciliation with Hamas in his attempt to force the Israelis and the US into submitting to his demands and preconditions, Khaled Abu Toameh...
  •    Palestinians watch a big screen showing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaking at the U.N. General Assembly
    Abbas has been welcomed home as a hero
    The recent vote by the United Nations to admit Palestine as a non-member state has made Palestinian history. In an article today, Dec. 3, 2012, the Palestinian News Network has reported, Abbas Receives a Hero's Welcome. President Mahmoud Abbas...
  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas votes in the municipal elections in Ramallah
    Israel blasted as responsible for unemployment of Palestinians
    In an article on Nov. 2, 2012 Diaa Hadid has reported for "Hamas PM blasts Palestinian leader over TV remarks." Abbas has said the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem are Palestine, and the rest is Israel. Gaza's Islamic...
  • Mitt Romney
    Mitt Romney criticized for 'racist' remarks against Palestine during Israel trip
    More controversy during his tour on foreign soil? It may be so as the GOP presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney made controversial remarks at a $25,000-a-head fundraising event in Jerusalem Monday.The event comprised...
  • resized_GYI0061851791.jpg
    Why would George Mitchell lie about the peace talks?
    Why would George Mitchell, the special peace envoy to the middle east peace talks, lie about what has been taking place in those talks? Informed sources from both Palestinian and Israeli camps, as well as some U.S. officials, have indicated that...
  • 2010 Middle East Peace Talks
    Israel and Palestine: Talks going well. Do not expect peace
    George Mitchell visited Damascus Thursday for talks with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Channel 10 news in an exclusive interview on Thursday, "talks will "take time" and are "...
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York
    Netanyahu: Conversion laws and direct talks
    1.4 million Jews live in greater New York, and Jews make up a full 9.1% of the New York State population. For this reason (and others) Israeli politics, both domestic and foreign, have great bearing on New York life and concerns. The recent US...
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