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  • Nudger in Chief Cass Sunstein
    'Government Libertarian Paternalism:' weasel words for 'Nanny State'
    Anyone who embraces the Zero Aggression Principle against initiation of force, intimidation and fraud can legitimately call themselves libertarians. In a voluntary society everyone is free to live as they choose, from the toughest, most...
  • Matt Barber
    Matt Barber: progressives "hate God" and "also hate America"
    If Barack Obama had a nickle for every time some far-right authoritarian nimrod accused the President, the Democratic party, or all progressives in general, of hating America, the deficit would be halfway gone by now.The latest to levy this charge...
  • Air Force
    Report: Air Force orders troops not to read stories on Obama scandals
    Late Sunday, WND reported that the Air Force has directed users of its Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network to not look at stories involving the data mining scandal, citing an unclassified Notice to Airmen, or NOTAM."Users are not...
  • Books
    Ray Bradbury's message on books
    The world lost an iconic writer the other day. Ray Bradbury wasn't just a sci/fi writer, but a man with the unusual ability to see the world as it might be in the future. His books, short-stories and essays have inspireda generation to look to...
  • U.S. President Barack Obama
    Left’s authoritarian impulse on display
    At this point it is impossible to predict what affect the credit downgrade by S&P will have on the U.S. economy. Essentially this is because S&P is just confirming what most already know and understand, the U.S. is spending far too much...
  • Lecture
    Twisted thinking: Should (statements) distortion explained
    Shoulds is a cognitive distortion by means of ‘should’ statements. The thought processes may be verbalized when a person says ‘should have, must have, ought to and have to,’ which are telltale signs of this particular...
  • Hypocrisy
    Authoritarian Sociopathy: Part 4: Power and Hypocrisy
    Throughout this series we have discussed the psychological and physiological affect that power has on obedience, honesty and compassion. Now we come to the final, and perhaps most important part of this series: hypocrisy. It has become almost a...
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