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  • ISIS
    Reports: ISIS militants blow up baby in training exercise
    According to senior Iraqi sources, ISIS militants blew up a baby in a training exercise, the UK Mirror reported Monday. According to the report, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s terrorist group wanted a human victim as a training aid to teach...
  • Al Qaeda leader condemns ISIS to hell
    Al Qaeda leader condemns ISIS to hell
    Sunday, ABC News reported that Adam Gadahn, an Al Qaeda spokesperson who was recently sent to the 77 virgins courtesy of an American air strike, took his Muslim brothers in ISIS to task for their atrocities. In the view of Gadahn, ISIS has gone...
  • A message to grandparents around the world
    A message to grandparents around the world
    If I sent my grandchildren to kill another's grandchildren, it may be said that I hate my own grandchildren worse than those of my enemy, because I would have turned my own grandchildren into killers. Yet, that is exactly what grandparents on...
  • Islamic Center
    Report says Boston bomber's mosque has ties to ISIS
    On Sunday, the New York Post reported that the mosque attended by the Boston Marathon bomber has ties to ISIS, the radical Islamic terror group in Iraq and Syria. According to the report, Ahmad Abousamra, a top propagandist for ISIS, was a regular...
  • bagdhadi
    Report: ISIS terrorists split woman in two with cars, bury Yazidis alive
    Stories of atrocities being committed by ISIS terrorists have been coming out of Iraq and Syria for some time, with each report somewhat worse than the one preceding it. On Monday, Reuters said a Yazidi man told of people being buried alive and a...
  • United States Embassy in Baghdad
    Obama sends Marines to protect U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
    President Obama deployed around 100 Marines to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to safeguard it from possible attacks from ISIS, (Islamic State of Irag and Syria), the Islamic radical insurgency, according to ABC News on Monday. The President's...
  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
    Kim likely to face charges for human atrocities
    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un received a letter from United Nations investigators warning him that he and others in his government may face criminal charges for atrocities against thousands of citizens. The atrocities were comparable to those...
  • Senator John McCain (R,Az)
    McCain displays horrific photos of Syrian atrocities on Senate floor.
    Senator John McCain (R,Az) showed photos of atrocities inflicted on Syrian citizens by the Assad regime on the Senate Floor today. McCain displayed the horrific photos, one of which was of a child with severely mangled legs, in order to attain...
  • The first victim of a child soldier - Childhood
    Child soldiers fighting and dying in Central African Republic, S. Sudan
    The internationally agreed definition for a child associated with an armed force or armed group (child soldier) is any person below 18 years of agewho is, or who has been, recruited or used by an armed force or group in any capacity.It not only...
  • Nun
    Nun claims radical Muslims bottling Christian blood, selling to Saudis
    On Thursday, Theodore Shoebat posted an explosive and disturbing report of testimony given by a nun inEurope who said that fundamentalist Muslims in Syria are killing Christians, then draining and bottling their blood for sale in Saudi Arabia. The...
  • Bishop Luca al-Khoury
    Syrian bishop says 'Christians need to engage in self-defense' against Islamists
    Violence against Christians in Syria happens on an almost daily basis. These often brutal attacks are perpetrated by radical Muslims. Thousands of Christians die annually at the hands of extremists while the world is mostly silent about their...
  • Rand Paul speaking at the 2013 CPAC
    Sen. Paul: 'World-wide war on Christianity by fanatical element of Islam'
    Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), took the mainstream media to task when he said, there's a"worldwide war on Christianity" being waged by a "fanatical element of Islam."There's a war against Christians living in the Middle East...
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