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  • Atomic Wedgie Murder
    Atomic wedgie murder: No joke, Okla. man kills stepdad with an 'atomic wedgie'
    An “atomic wedgie” murder? An Oklahoma man may be the first person ever to be charged with the wacky execution. Brad Davis, 33, is accused of killing his stepfather, Denver Lee St. Clair, 58, on Dec. 21. Death by underwear, reports...
  • bomb
    The anniversary of the atomic bombing that saved millions of lives
    "Military realities of 1945 are often forgotten..."August 6th marks the 68th anniversary of the America's first tactical deployment of nuclear weapons which not only hastened the surrender of the Japanese Empire, but also resulted in...
  • Wreckage at Fukushima
    Fukushima continues to burn
    Continuing Tragedy at FukushimaThe four nuclear power-generating reactors at Fukushima-Daichi have been reduced to rubble in the past year and a half due to the initial earthquake and tsunami, continuing explosions at the power plant reactors,...
  • Nuclear Symbol
    Japan to build 3 nuclear reactors, despite promise to axe atomic power by 2040
    A day after announcing on Friday that they will phase out their reliance on nuclear power by 2040, Japan has confirmed that it intends to continue construction of three new nuclear power plants, two in northern Japan, one further south.Japan to...
  • Breach Review
    Breach Review
    When you start playing Breach the first thing your going to notice is that this isn't your typical fast-paced run-and-gun shoot fest that is Call of Duty. Atomic created a more "realistic" shooter that feels more like Rainbow Six or...
  • gold3.jpg
    Op-Ed: Is the Golden Rule really the best idea?
    www.FreedomTracks.comWhat is today known as the “golden rule”, is found in similar form in at least 37 often non-connected cultures. Thus, the laws of God are clearly written on the conscience of humanity, as the Bible claims and as...
  • hoppression.jpg
    Op-Ed: Does belief in God cause human oppression?
    www.FreedomTracks.comIs it really accurate, assome intellectualsclaim today, to blame belief in God as the cause of war and other human oppression? Is this any more correct than blaming science and education? Isn't it more honest to instead, blame...
  • god.jpg
    Op-Ed: God; a perspective
    www.FreedomTracks.comAncient Galilee covered an area of approximately 1,000 square miles. The area of the earth is about 197 million square miles. Thus, it would take approximately 197,000 ancient Galilees to cover the surface of the earth.Earth...
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