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  • Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin of South Korea
    North Korea’s asymmetric military capabilities pose a serious threat, Kim said
    During a joint press conference today at the Pentagon, Defense Minister Kim Kwan Jin affirmed US-South Korean military cooperation.“This year's Security Consultative Meeting was held amidst increasingly unpredictable security situations...
  • Iranian mini-attack sub
    Iran tripling its fleet of mini–submarines and producing more sea mines
    Iran is rumored to have significantly ramped up production of mini-submarines, sometimes called “midget subs”.If true this could pose a serious threat to U.S. warships in the area.I asked one U.S. Navy seaman on facebook about the...
  • Kim Carson (Sunny) and Eric Rolland (Ford) in New City Stage Company's "Asymmetric"
    No surprise: Kim Carson phenomenal once again, this time in 'Asymmetric'
    Published Friday, June 1, 2012, 6:53 PMFull disclosure: This reviewer has given up worrying about coming off as somewhere between fawning and basically awe-struck when attempting to write as accurately as possible about actress Kim Carson. She is...
  • Costume National-Asymmetric Silk Dress
    Costume National-Asymmetric Silk Dress
    The 'Asymmetric Silk Dress' by Costume National is a garment that can be worn out to a casual outing as well as formal event. The silk dress has a shimmering pearl hue and is made exclusively in Italy. A loose fitting silhouette around the...
  • Behnaz Sarafpour-Asymmetric Necklace Dress
    Behnaz Sarafpour-Asymmetric Necklace Dress
    The 'Asymmetric Necklace Dress' by Behnaz Sarafpour is very elegant, classy, and sophisticated. The cotton and linen blend dress is fully lined with fine Italian silk. The royal green jewel neckline really enhances the overall look, a...
  • Michael Kors-Asymmetric Boatneck Dress
    Michael Kors-Asymmetric Boatneck Dress
    Michael Kors carries the 'Asymmetric Boatneck Dress', a draped creation inspired by the Grecian toga. The dress is made of a crepe jersey and sewn over layer upon layer, positioned and folded to create a historical look. The dress is...
  • Johnny Was Collection: Asymmetric Tie-Neck Tunic
    Johnny Was Collection: Asymmetric Tie-Neck Tunic
    The best go-to collection for elongated asymmetric hems is Johnny Was. The contemporary line features it's creative and chic 'Asymmetric Tie-Neck Tunic'. The top of the shirt has a light grey hue, with a lovely dark and pink print...
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