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  • Statue of Idi-ilum, šakkanakku of Mari, dedicated to Ishtar. From the palace of Zimri-Lim in Mari.
    'Cuneiform Texts & the Writing of History': Epistemology, 4-Way Look at Culture
    Objectivity in the way history is presented is an elusive ideal, according to author Marc Van De Mieroop. The scholar’s own historical condition and contemporary concerns are what determines how the accounts are written, what the questions...
  • The ancient paranormal myth of the Ekimmu
    The ancient paranormal myth of the Ekimmu
    The Ekimmu is part of Ancient Assyrian and Babylonian myth. The Ekimmu was a said to be a corpse that could not find any rest, so it roam with the living. It is also called an early vampire and in Anthony Masters's book, "Natural History...
  • Whose God is it Anyway?
    Whose God: J and E Come Together
    If the J account of Israel’s history was created in the south, and the E account was written in Israel, then how did these two disparate versions ever manage to come together in the first place? Well, life is nothing if not ironic, and in...
  • Jehu-on-black-obelisk.jpg
    Shalmaneser III
    Asshur, 8th or 7th century BC bas-relief (Louvre) His reign consisted of one campaign after another. He fought four campaigns against the Syrians, and defeated them only because they foolishly turned against one of their coalition partners--the...
  • Edwin_Thiele.jpg
    Distorted history
    125-year-old Bible by Wonderlane on Flickr / CC BY 2.0 Too many have been willing to accept "history" written by other civilizations as a corrective to the Bible--even if that means...
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