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  • Chuck Schumer
    Gun disability relief funding ban could be challenged in spending bill
    House and Senate negotiators are nearing a $1.1 trillion spending deal to avert a government shutdown, Politico reported Sunday. Their goal is to file the measure today and bring it to a floor vote by Thursday, when the current funding stops.Gun...
  • West Front of the U.S. Capitol
    How to return to the moon part 3: Selling it to Congress
    It is axiomatic that without the support of Congress, a return to the moon is not going to happen. Congress scuttled President George H. W. Bush’s Space Exploration Initiative in the early 1990s by refusing to fund it. On the other hand,...
  • U.S. Rep. Bill Young (R-FL) (R) talks with Subcommittee Chairman Rep. John Abney Culberson (R-TX) (L)
    Culberson as chair of NASA funding subcommittee makes Europa mission more likely
    As many have expected, Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas has been elevated to chair the House Appropriations Subcommittee for Commerce, Justice, and Science, according to a Thursday story in Roll Call. The subcommittee has charge of NASA funding,...
  • Florida State Senator Joe Negron:  A leader that achieves
    Florida State Senator Joe Negron: A leader that achieves
    Just like Patrick Murphy (Democrat), U.S. Congressional Representative for District 18, Joe Negron (Republican), Florida State Senator for District 32 is a leader that achieves. Achievements being those issues and activities which best represent...
  • Government shutdown looms as GOP continues to target Obamacare
    Government shutdown looms as GOP continues to target Obamacare
    Tonight at midnight eastern time, if the House & the Senate cannot come to some agreement on a bill that continues funding for the government's operations, we will have the first government shutdown since 1995.House GOP lawmakers have...
  • Intelligence agencies
    Intelligence Budget secrets!
    On February 14, 2011, acting pursuant to Section 364 of the Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal year 2010 (Public Law 111-259), the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) publicly disclosed that the President's aggregate request for the...
  • Congressional Tally of a Vote
    "MO" Brooks votes with and for his Alabama constituents
    The newly elected Congressman from the 5th Congressional District (R) "MO" Brooks is serving his first term in Congress after unseating a democrat in a district made up of north Alabama including the city of Huntsville.
  • SQ 754
    SQ 754: An editorial
    Over the next week, this feature will examine the State Questions(SQ) on the ballot for the November election. In all, eleven questions will greet Oklahomavoters on November 2nd.In my previous article, I noted the following.This amendment should...