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  • Nikki Sixx of SIXX:AM
    SIXX:AM and Apocalyptica rock The Bomb Factory
    The Deep Ellum Arts District in downtown Dallas is known for it's music scene, and has had many amazing music venues over the years. Recently one of those historic venues, The Bomb Factory, reopened and what could be a better way to show they...
  • Halestorm are first female-fronted band with #1 singles on consecutive albums
    Halestorm are first female-fronted band with #1 singles on consecutive albums
    Earlier today, March 15, Lzzy Hale of Halestorm posted on her social media accounts that the band has set a new record as the first female-fronted band with #1 singles on consecutive albums. Halestorm's current single, "Apocalyptic,"...
  • Blu-ray Review: 'The Rover'
    'The Rover' Blu-ray Review
    I can’t think of a movie I’ve been more disappointed by recently than “The Rover.” There was so much good said about it and it really does look intriguing on the surface. Unfortunately, it’s the perfect example of the...
  • Promotional pic of Jose's Rivera's play Marisol
    Jose Rivera's Marisol playing at Luna Stage Theater
    In the reprised play Marisol, written by Jose Rivera. It’s Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz meets AMC’s The Walking Dead. Marisol, now playing at the Luna Stage theater in West Orange, NJ. and directed by Niegal Smith, brings to light of...
  • The apocalypse hits the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
    The apocalypse hits the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
    Denver area geeks have some winter fun to look forward to this January. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is kicking off the New Year right with their adult learning program theme called “Apocalyptic.” This is not the tedious...
  • Tom Mison, star of 'Sleepy Hollow'
    'Sleepy Hollow': Enter Sandman
    In the last week's episode of "Sleepy Hollow," Ichabod and Abby find themselves face-to-face with the nasty demon-like creature that is the Sandman.As "Sleepy Hollow" becomes more apocalyptic, the four horsemen are being...
  • ‘Revolution’ spoilers: Episode 16 and 17 title and synopsis
    ‘Revolution’ spoilers: Episode 16 and 17 title and synopsis
    NBC’s post-apocalyptic show, “Revolution,” may have been pushed back a week due to coverage for the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy, but the show must go on. On Monday, April 22, Spoiler TV brought fans new spoilers for episodes...
  • Oblivion
    'Oblivion' is a stunning space-age thriller
    Visually stunning special effects, solid acting and a futuristic love triangle make Joseph Kosinski’s ‘Oblivion’ fun entertainment. Thanks to this movie spectacle, the blockbuster season has arrived early. At last week’s...
  • Planet of the Apes, 1968
    All-Time Top 10 Apocalyptic Films
    THE END OF THE WORLD! A scary thought to say the least. And the almost limitless amount of scenarios in which humanity's ultimate demise could be carried out is equally disturbing.Thankfully though, an entertaining movie has alreadybeen...
  • Knowing
    Knowing: What it wants to be
    1950s Lucinda Embry (Lara Robinson) is a psychic with a gift for prophecy. She inserts her prediction in a time capsule that is opened in modern times by MIT astrophysics professor named John Koestler (Nicholas Cage). Koestler's wife died,...
  • Against the Dark
    Against the Dark: I Am No Legend
    For some reason, Against the Dark is ashamed of its zombies. We can only assume this was a miscalculation on the part of the producer who must have believed vampires would sell better. Make no mistake, Against the Dark is about a zombie apocalypse...
  • Legion
    Legion: Not particularly angelic
    I've always thought angels are actually pretty terrifying. Evil is something we all think we know pretty well, but a creature of pure good is really quite intimidating. Angels aren't just jp;u; in the case of archangels, they are warriors...
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