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  • Director of troubled VA resigns
    The VA gives amputees less priority than sleep apnea: Director resigns
    The troubled Department of Veterans Affairs has been in the news regarding the fake waiting list situation at VA hospitals. Today, however, the news came out that they actually give sleep apnea sufferers a higher priority than soldiers returning...
  • Yoga for amputees
    Yoga for amputees
    There aren’t many places you can learn to teach yoga to a person who has lost a limb, so here’s your chance. June 6 - 8 in Portland, Ore., Marsha Therese Danzig, the first amputee yoga teacher in the United States, will be leading a...
  • Mobilize a disabled vet with a Track Chair
    Mobilize a disabled vet with a Track Chair
    Many survivors of a military operation or a terrorist attack have limited mobility due to the loss of limbs. News commentator Bill O’Reilly is on a mission to improve their life. Whether or not you believe in O’Reilly’s political...
  • Amputee creates prosthetic 'LegoLeg'
    Amputee creates prosthetic 'LegoLeg'
    Yesterday, Know Your Meme posted a video that gives new meaning to “stepping on legos.” The video features Christina Stephens, an occupational therapist and clinical researcher, who had to have her lower leg amputated in January 2013....
  • Amputee
    Evidence that God can regrow amputated limbs... when He feels like it
    Atheists are always trying to disturb the serenity ofChristians with their impertinent, impious questions: If God loves humanity, why is He planning to destroy the world and send the bulk of it to Hell? Why do you believe in Jesus but not Santa...
  • Peace Project
    Local gallery using art to provide crutches to war victims
    Art is often used as an outlet for individual expression. Artists depict images, feelings, and other realities of life in a way that is visually appealing and emotionally compelling. However, the Whole 9 Art Gallery in Culver City, California, is...
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