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  • Amgen 2014
    2014 Amgen Tour of California underway
    The 2014 edition of the world famous Amgen Tour of California bicycle race is underway. The race began in Sacramento and will finish in Thousand Oaks in Southern California. The 9th running of the event lasts 8 days. The start was in Sacramento on...
  • Amgen purchased Onyx Pharmaceuticals
    Amgen buys Onyx Pharmaceuticals for cancer drug
    In the pharmaceutical world, Amgen made some news when it bought Onyx Pharmaceuticals on Sunday, according to Reuters. The purchase was largely fueled by Amgen’s desire to make its way into oncology. It currently has drugs that deal with...
  • Amgen Tour of California
    Palmdale selected for third year to host Amgen Tour
    Palmdale is one of 12 cities selected to host the 2013 Amgen Tour of California in May. This will be the third time that Palmdale will play host for a leg of the bicycle race. Palmdale previously played host to the race in 2010 and May of this...
  • Amgen Tour of California
    Palmdale readies for Amgen Tour of California
    The Amgen Tour of California leaves Bakersfield today and moves on to the desert and the city of Palmdale for stage 6 of the 8-stage bicycle race on Friday. This stage of the race will be one of the most arduous as the field of 128 international...
  • Amgen Tour of California
    Amgen Tour of California comes to Palmdale 'tour facts'
    Amgen Tour of California comes to PalmdaleOne hundred and twenty-eight of the world’s best bicyclists will compete Friday in the 6th stage of the Amgen Tour of California when it reaches Palmdale. For those who are not up on the latest...
  • DC Rally
    Income Distribution and Protests
    The question is not why there are anti-corporate protests; the question is why it has taken so long for such protests to get started.New York’s Occupy Wall Street movement began a month ago, and protests are spreading to other cities,...
  • 2011 Tour Of California
    No guarantee of a Sacramento stage for 2012 ToC
    Despite five years of success in bringing the Tour of California to downtown, Sacramento faces a tough battle to host a sixth appearance in 2012, writes James Raia in the Sacramento Bee. Competition is expected to be fierce, with dozens of towns...
  • lance_crash_big.jpg
    Armstrong crashes, is out of Tour of California; refutes Landis' doping claims
    In the fifth stage of the Amgen Tour of California on Thursday, May 20, 2010,cyclists Lance Armstrong, top left, and Lucas Euser (107) bite the asphaltafter crashing.The cyclists were on a two-lane road outside Visalia a few miles into the race...
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