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  • Iran deal upsets US allies, abandons 3 American citizens
    Iran deal upsets US allies, abandons 3 American citizens
    Quite a few people are wondering why the United States made a nuclear deal with Iran which not only angered allies but also failed to include the release of American citizens, a former Marine, a Pastor and a retired FBI agent, in any of its...
  • Seoul Wedding
    The following sentiments are homophobic
    Many people have claimed some variation of the following phrase, “I don’t have a problem with gay people, as long as they don’t bring their gayness near me.” Those claiming this sentiment often believe that they are not...
  • Jax and Tara
    'Sons of Anarchy' season 6 spoliers: Tara to rally her allies
    Season six of "Sons of Anarchy" will see Tara in prison awaiting trial for giving Otto the crucifix he used to kill a prison nurse. On Aug. 14 Enstarz reports that according to Maggie Siff at her latest Comic Con appearance, Tara is...
  • Kerry
    I Spy - Why?
    Children love to play games that involve finding hidden objects or person - whether it is Hide and Seek or I Spy. Last time we looked at some of the implications of the spy scandal involving America spying upon its allies in light of its exposure....
  • Obama in Israel, flanked by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) and President Shimon Peres (left)
    Report: Palestinian organizations use U.S. funding to demonize Israel
    In March of this year, during his Mideast charm offensive,Barack Obama declared that Israel has "no greater friend" than America. Maybe he meant “fiend.”On Tuesday,a report presented to Congressby Jerusalem-based watchdog NGO...
  • 'RHONJ' Teresa Guidice suspects Joe of cheating
    'RHONJ' Teresa Giudice gets allied cast members for new season
    October 4 it was reported that Bravo is planning on casting two of three of Teresa's real friends to help support her in the new season of the show. It seems that most of the time, the other real housewives are not very nice to her and she...
  • Omaha Beach
    ‘Deception’ was the keyword on June 6, 1944
    June 6, 1944 is a date in American and world history which should always be revered and never forgotten. “Operation Overlord,” commonly referred to as “D-Day,” began the liberation of Europe from the clutches of the Nazi...
  • Queer Umbrella
    On being a queer nanny
    Man. I am gay. Like, not just a little gay, or an Only-When-I’m-Drunk gay, I’m talking really really QUEER. Of course all of you reading this are like “No Duh” and wondering what I’m getting at. Well, it’s...
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