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  • Algorithms is a documentary that transports us into the little known world of Blind Chess.
    Save the date: March 3 First Run Features releases 3 indies and documentaries
    Mark your calendar: On March 3, First Run Features will release a trio of riveting and important indies and documentaries.AlgorithmsA film by Ian McDonaldIn English, Hindi, Tamil and Odiya (with English subtitles and optional Audio Description...
  • Google and Panda 4.0
    Panda 4 Update and Google's Confusing Algorithms
    Google announced a new update to its Panda algorithm, Panda 4.0 on May 20. This is an SEO change which affects many sites, it can cause them to rank higher or lower in search results. But what does this really mean?This is all quite confusing. Let...
  • Wall Street
    Quantitative Trading: Financial Darkhorse of Wall Street
    Quantitative trading is probably something you have not heard before. If you have, it is probably as mysterious as anything to you. Quantitative trading is done by some of the wealthiest, smartest, and most powerful people in the world. In fact,...
  • Flowcart - Algorithm
    Do natural algorithms account for the origins and evolution of life?
    Let's step into a time machine of sorts or a "Wayback Machine" (to borrow from one of my favorite boyhood TV series "The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show") and take a trip back to 2003. During May of that year a paper appeared...
  • Financial_Crash_sm.jpg
    Rise of the Machines
    Rise of the Machines Two weeks ago we witnessed the first attempt of Skynet to come live online; the result was a stock market crash that occurred within minutes. If all it takes is a few minutes to bring one of the most powerful stock markets in...
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