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  • Pope Francis waiting
    Islamic State may be targeting Pope Francis
    According to several reports, including an article published by the Daily Express on Wednesday, September 17, Iraq's ambassador to the Vatican Habeeb Al Sadr has warned Catholic church officials that the Islamic State (IS) wants to assassinate...
  • Pope Francis
    Itinerary for Papal visit to Albania is announced
    Pope Francis will make a one-day trip to Albania on September 21st, the Vatican announced today. It will be the second time that a reigning Pope has visited the country, which is the home of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The Prime Minister of...
  • Whitsell Auditorium at the Portland Art Museum
    REVIEW: 'Besa: The Promise' - Muslims in Albania protect Jewish Refugees
    How many people would lay down their lives for a stranger? In the 1940s, Albanians made a promise to offer safety to people in need, a besa. “Besa: The Promise” (U.S. 2012) is a documentary that unfolds as Jewish-American photographer...
  • Laser Tag in Tirana!
    An Albanian Homestay
    Picture a scene: You’re sitting in a small living room trying to watch a potentially interesting television show in Turkish, a language that you don’t know. Your viewing companion doesn’t know Turkish either but has the advantage...
  • Obama and Rama
    Albania's Socialist Party leader Edi Rama campaigns with photo of Obama
    According to a Daily Caller article published on Wednesday, an international Socialist leader – Edi Rama of Albania’s Socialist Party - is using a recent photo of himself with President Barack Obama in his campaign to win the...
  • Albania earthquake
    Earthquake rattles Albania
    Albanians in at least five cities felt an earthquake at 1:39 p.m. PST, the U.S. Geological Survey announced in an email alert.The earthquake was measured at a magnitude of 4.5 and rocked near Tirana, where it was 10:39 p.m.The epicenter was...
  • Albanian Minerals
    Albania sold largest oil reserves in Europe for $1.2 billion to US company
    Albania has sold its state-owned Albpetrol oil company for $1.1 billion to the U.S. and Singapore company Vetro Energy consortium.Prime Minister Sali Berisha says the deal will allow Vetro Energy to explore and exploit offshore oil and gas fields,...
  • Albania: Green Energy
    Albania embraces plan to become a green energy powerhouse in Europe
    Sahit Muja : The Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha has embraced ambitious plans to power Albania on renewable green sources of energy.Albania has a huge potential for renewable green energy from hydro-power, wind, solar, geothermal, and...
  • Albania
    Albania a natural wonder and world's top tourist destination
    Sahit Muja:Albania is a natural wonder and top tourist destination in the world . Albania was chosen on the top 10 best tourist destinations in the worldin 2011. Tourism in Albania has increased tremendously in recent years. Albanian Prime...
  • Bunkers
    Weird Albania
    Readers interested in traveling will already know that no country is without its oddities, including their own. This applies especially to Europe. The continent is a bastion of the strange, with museums for asparagus, a church made out of skulls,...
  • Making Cornmeal Spinach Pie the Albania way
    Making Cornmeal Spinach Pie the Albania way
    Closed to tourism for many years, the welcome mat is now out in Albania. Berat, one of the oldest cities in Albania with layers of white houses ascending the hillsides, has been given the name “The City of a Thousand Windows.” The...
  • NATO enlargement
    NATO Enlargement: A Success or Faux Pas?
    The enlargement of NATO is an ongoing and dynamic process. Since the founding of NATO in 1949, its membership has grown from the 12 founding members to today’s 28, inducted through multiple stages of enlargement. At the Bucharest Summit in...
  • Lamb with yoghurt Albania style
    Lamb with yogurt Albanian style
    In Albania they say they were organic long before organic was popular mainly because they could not afford the expensive fertilizers and pesticides. Consequently, your taste buds with experience a flash into the past as they recall how wonderful...
  • Miss Albania 2010 Angela Martini dress pictures, video
    Miss Albania 2010 Angela Martini dress pictures, video
    Angela Martini, Miss Albania 2010, wore an evening gown of her choice, fashion by Sherri Hill and a variety of dresses and skirts to special occasions during the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.
  • Tropoje, Albania
    Tropoje, Albania world's most beautiful mountains
    Sahit Muja: TROPOJE, ALBANIAWith its crisp, clean air and snow-capped mountains, Tropoje Albania is a vision for the soul.With more and more travelers looking to take a breather from pollution, it’s no surprise that destinations are starting...