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  • Rev. Juan D. McFarland
    Rev. Juan D. McFarland, HIV positive pastor, knowingly sexed up his parishioners
    If there is a Hell, the Rev. Juan D. McFarland is going there. The HIV positive Baptist pastor from Montgomery, Alabama admitted to his congregants – some of whom he was sexually active with – that he was carrying the AIDS virus....
  • Why you should join a Swingers Website
    Analyzing Why Couples Join a Swingers Website and Why You Should too
    Analyzing what convinces a couple to join a swingers website. Did you know that there are millions of Americans joining swingers websites? Each and every year couples embrace this trend that shows no sign of slowing down.Why embracing a swingers...
  • Premarital sex
    The Trickling Down of Fornication Part Two
    In my last article, we discussed what fornication is and how it affects both men and women. In this article, we will discuss the evolution of fornication and how it has made its way into the church.We all know that Satan seeks to kill, steal and...
  • Married Man In Bed With His Mistress or His Wife?
    The Truth About the Adulterous Husband
    In my last article, we talked about the mentality of the infamous “other woman,” but now, we will discuss the mentality of the adulterer. Please understand that the other woman wouldn't have a position if there was no adulterous...
  • The Other Woman
    The Truth About the Other Woman
    I listened on the line as a friend of mine painfully recounted the last few days of her marriage. She was hurt, and I could hear it. Her voice quivered as she told me about the cold treatment she'd been receiving from her husband. I wanted to...
  • Burns Flat Cross
    Eye plucking, adultery, and reconcilliation
    Read Matthew 5:27-48There is no sugar coating here, but we can hope for a little figurative language.Pluck out your eye if you see an attractive gal and have some lustful thoughts. I guess it’s better than keeping your sight and having your...
  • Cheater's Names in America
    Adulterous male names in the U.S. are Scott, Mark, and Matthew
    The most popular cheating names in the U.K. were revealed in April, and if your moniker was Wayne, Liam or Ryan, chances are your significant other had more than one eye on you. Since then, WhitePages.comdid its own digging here in the States, and...
  • Senior Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church NC headed for divorce after admitting adultery.
    NC megachurch pastor admits adultery after only 9 months on the job
    According to the Christian Post Monday, megachurch, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, NC will be without a senior pastor because of his recent admittance to having an affair for the entire nine months he has been the pastor. Rev....
  • Bob Coy
    Bob Coy's Sin: More Than A Moral Failure
    On Saturday April 3rd, Bob Coy, the head pastor of one the largest churches in the US, resigned his position a midst scandal. According to multiple news sources, he had cheated on his wife Diane.No details regarding the affair have been released....
  • Man Taking Photo With Two Women
    Un-Husband-Like Behaviors On Social Media
    Last week, we talked about Un-Wife-Like Behaviors on Social Media, but this week, we will be addressing the husbands.Sure, you're married and you think it's silly for you to have to operate by a list of rules. Just as your flesh stretches...
  • Silverman-Cowell-2014
    Simon Cowell tries to do damage control over his adultery with Lauren Silverman
    Simon Cowell is trying to do damage control over the backlash he's received from the public for having an adulterous affair with Lauren Silverman, who was married at the time to Cowell's close friend Andrew Silverman, a real-estate mogul....
  • Names of Men most likely to cheat
    Top men's names most likely to cheat: Time to check on Wayne, Liam and Ryan
    Can a name determine a man's fidelity? Yes, claims a report fromBustle on Monday. If your man’s name is Wayne, Liam or Ryan, then a survey of 2,000 women suggest males with these forenames would most likely commit,...
  • Ashley Madison
    Adultery site Ashley Madison's popularity soars in Japan
    “Life is short. Have an affair.” These are the words that greet users on the adultery site Ashley Madison, which is wildly popular in Japan as reported in the Associated Press on Thursday.Ashley Madison is the go-to website for...
  • School
    Third grade Common Core reading worksheet features reading passage on adultery
    “Making inferencesis a skill with which students often need much practice.”So begins the syntactically self-conscious introduction to a series of Common Core-related educational materials at a site called
  • Crime analyst fired by her police chief lover slaps lawsuit on city of Columbia
    Crime analyst fired by her police chief lover slaps lawsuit on city of Columbia
    Skeletons continue to burst out of the closet of the Columbia Police Department (CPD). The State newspaper just broke the news that embattled former Police Chief Randy Scott, along with the city of Columbia, has been slapped with a lawsuit by...