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  • Biblical scholars and Theologians you should be reading
    Biblical scholars and Theologians you should be reading
    In our world of bloggers, talk show hosts, celebrity preachers and popular authors it is even easier for Christians to go their whole lives without reading a single work of solid Biblical/Theological merit. Among both Conservative and Progressive...
  • Academic & Teaching Jobs
    Education Careers Job Site Listings
    If you are returning to the job market, and have been a stay at home Mom,or father in another career you may want to change your career. Thereare a lot of jobs in the Education Fields.You can check on Universities,or Vocational Colleges, or Jr....
  • A classroom catastrophe
    A classroom catastrophe
    “I love my kids”, the teacher said during a parley. They have their individual personality and it shines throughout the day. But, a day in a classroom is not made easy with “love”.No easy task:It is hard work being a...
  • African American Male Athletes:  It’s Time to Step Up to the Plate
    African American Male Athletes: It’s Time to Step Up to the Plate
    February was Black History Month and now it’s March, with all the hoopla of March Madness. There is nothing new about these celebrations; they are annual events. However, this might be a good time to address a serious issue that pertains to...
  • Cover of 'In Dog We Trust' by Neil S. Plakcy
    Read ‘In Dog We Trust’ by Neil Plakcy
    I was immediately intrigued when I heard Neil Plakcy speak at the Malice Domestic 2012 convention this year on the “Must Love Dogs: Mysteries Involving Man’s Best Friend” panel. This is the first book in the Golden Retriever...
  • The Shrike
    A way to read dead people.
    To me one aspect I cherish about studying literature in Monterey is the strange ability of a work to offer meanings and insights to a reader the author did not intended. Over the course of my scholarly studies it has become my opinion that the...
  • Hercules leading Cerberus as one of his twelve labors
    Working Too Hard to Be Excellent
    Working hard can be good, or can be bad. It is a neutral thing. The question that arises is with regards to excellence (arete.) Most modern school programs are geared towards hard work and not specified excellence. As the economy continues to gasp...
  • Spelling
    Texting overload? 10 Online games that help kids learn to spell
    OMG... BRB... LOL... With this generation being the texting generation it’s more important than ever that they learn to spell words correctly. There are many different ways to do this, but the most fun are online games. It’s more fun...
  • Hurricane Flags
    2 Hurricane seniors make C-USA Academic team
    Quarterback G.J. Kinne and linebacker Alan Dock of Tulsa were named to the Conference USA Football All-Academic Team Friday.The team, chosen by the vote of C-USA sports information directors, is made up of student-athletes who have earned a 3.2...
  • Cookies
    Why not to reward children with food
    When rewarding children, the main goal is to encourage positive behavior, the end goal to in the future no longer require a reward for the behavior. Though most rewards now days consist of food and candy and encourages a whole new set of responses...
  • Malcolm X
    Berkeley Schools Guide: Malcolm X Arts and Academics Magnate
    Academics Magnets School 1731 Prince Street Berkeley, CA 94703-2499 510 644-6313 Principal: Cheryl Chinn Secretary: Sandra Maldfonado Home School Liason: Lisa Cules Malcolm X has had the reputation and the performance of a school that has the...
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