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  • Time for a break
    The Survivors Retreat
    If you know a survivor of domestic abuse or violence, you may notice that sometimes they retreat from friends, family, or life in general. The average person will not understand this, but a survivor (and his or her close friends and family)...
  • Abusers and real love
    How to learn to have a healthy relationship after having a horrible relationship
    After going through abusive and down right horrible dating relationships, I can tell you there's light at the end of the tunnel. From dating bums, you learn a great deal about what you shouldn't put up with ever again.Being true to...
  • The victim of animal cruelty
    Exposing distrubing facts of non-human animal abusers
    A study by Hensley and Tallichet (2005) depicts the similarity in killing and torturing methods of inmates who committed acts of animal cruelty as children. Four factors linked to childhood animal aggression and later aggression towards humans...
  • Family Court
    Misreading family court practices
    It's hard to understand why family courts throughout the world continue to torment innocent children by forcing them to live with abusers. As just one example of this common scenario, consider this very sad story: Teenage Wedding Brings...
  • Domestic violence
    Recognize the warning signs of domestic violence (Video)
    Domestic violence is a serious epidemic that occurs in many families. Some victims do not believe they are being abused because their partner hasn't been physically abusive with them. Mental and emotional abuse can have devastating effects on...
  • Domestic Violence Awareness
    Domestic violence awareness ~ Are you a victim?
    Domestic violence has been around since the beginning of time, but it is on the rise. Each decade more and more people are abused. Why?There are many reasons, but none of them are justified!Join our event, Saturday in the Park 5k on Saturday,...