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  • Awesome 60's Electric Blue Vinyl Handbag
    A Trip to Historic Somerville, New Jersey is as Quaint as it Sounds
    For many years, and always on the way to other places, I would pass by a very beckoning road sign. The arrow pointed “To Somerville”, but I was always in a hurry or had a deadline to meet so “I’ll stop by the next time...
  • Undoubtedly, one of '60's outstanding rock bands, so why the snub?
    Undoubtedly, one of '60's outstanding rock bands, so why the snub?
    Look at this random list of musical acts and figure out a reason why one of them is odd-man out:Beach Boys,Buffalo Springfield,Rascals,Byrds,Yardbirds,Credence Clearwater,Dave Clark Five, Drifters,Hollies,Kinks,Lovin' Spoonful,Paul Revere and...
  • Album Cover
    The Ripe: 'Into Your Ears' (2012)
    "Into Your Ears" by The Ripe is a very vintage sounding Psychedelic Rock album.There particular style borders on 60's chamber pop with little bits of surf rock and tubular Mod sounds mixed in. Tracks like "Black Box Blues"...
  • Album Cover
    In Bear Suits: 'Giants' (2012)
    "Giants" by In Bear Suits is a single on the "Up" shared single / EP with Eliote & the Ritournelles.The overall sound of the track is full and rich sounding, with a vintage sonic edge. It sounds as if it were recorded in...
  • Healing Hand Dr. John L. Schmidt
    Sigh for a beloved country: Yahrzeits of remembrance 2012
    So many leaders were assassinated in the '60s during a time when we really hoped to change the course of America. Hurricane Sandy, a harbinger of the severity that global warming has in store for us, shows that those assassinations did...
  • 7 Sanctuaries
    7 Sanctuaries Reviewed By Norm Goldman of
    Author: Ben A. SharptonPublisher: Novel Voices Press IncISBN: 978-0-9854464-4-4In the form of narrative history Ben A. Sharpton with his 7 Sanctuaries looks back over the defining moments of the 1960s- an era, as he states in the Preface, that was...
  • DVD: Mad Men: Season Five
    DVD review: 'Mad Men: Season Five' sees double-dealing drama still in fashion
    Studio Synopsis ~ Season Five of “Mad Men”, four-time Emmy® winner for Outstanding Drama Series and winner of three consecutive Golden Globes®, plunges into the seductive and intriguing world of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce....
  • Album Cover
    Tumbleweed Wanderers: 'So Long' (2012)
    "So Long" by Tumbleweed Wanderers is an Indie-Americana album.The third track of the record (entitled "Roll With The Times") starts off with a rich vocal choir explaining how you have to roll with the times because "this...
  • Dark of The Sun
    Review: 'Dark of The Sun' inspired Quentin Tarantino...but is it any good?
    Let's say you're a big fan of Quentin Tarantino. For years now, you've been hearing stories about Tarantino lifting elements from other, lesser films and strip-mining them for use in his own flicks. Let's say, for instance, that...
  • 60's summer trend for men
    60's for men this season
    Whether you are the type of man to follow the trend.This season the trend is extrodinary and a blast to the past. Welcome to the 60's. Men that are into to fashion will listen to me when I tell them this is in.60's are sexy and preppy, and...
  • It was simple then
    Customer service in the 60's
    In what seems like a distant memory, the way customer service has evolved since the 60's and 70's has been nothing short of amazing. Some will probably say frustrating.In most rural areas and small towns, banks offered checking and savings...
  • resized_Mad_Men.jpg
    Who wants to be on 'Mad Men'?
    In a word: everyone. And now is everyone's chance. AMC is hosting a "Mad Men" casting call for a walk-on role on the show. All you have to do is vogue in some uber-chic 60s attire, take a photo, and submit it on their website. Local...
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