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  • Let's celebrate the Fourth of July with some good ol' dessert!
    Let's celebrate the Fourth of July with some good ol' dessert!
    Nothing says the Fourth of July like a red, white, and blue dessert and I do not know why, but berries somehow always play a part. This twist on the classic whipped cream parfait brings out the benefits of the berries, a powerful dose of...
  • The top 10 July 4th meals in history!
    The top 10 July 4th meals in history!
    America has always had such a rich history ever since we claimed our independence from the tyranny of Britain on July 4th, 1776. Well, have you ever wondered what our forefathers ate on the Fourth of July? Here is the top ten Independence Day...
  • Celebrate July 4th in Denver
    Celebrate July 4th in Denver
    237yearsafterthe United Statesgained its Independence,the people of Americastill look equallyforward to 4th of July celebrationsand the city of Denver is no exception. So what's on the schedule for this Independence Day in Denver?An endless...
  • Austin Powers
    Austin Powers 4: Yeah, baby!
    You likely haven't thought much of Austin Powers and Dr. Evil since 2002. But some of us remembered. Some of us checked IMDB at least once a month to see if there was any news on the rumored fourth AP film. Some of us have to make sure our...
  • firecracker(1).gif
    4th of July Safety Tips
    For all those who enjoy going to the big fireworks shows around town, there are many more who enjoy staying home and having parties, bbq and lighting their own fireworks picked up at local stores. It's a great way to bring together friends and...
  • baldwin_.jpg
    4th Celebration at Baldwin Park
    The Rotary Club of Baldwin Park is inviting residents and guests to their 1st annual old-fashioned Independence Day Celebration.The festivities will be held on Saturday, July 3, 2010 at Baldwin Park, which is located at Jake Street and New Broad...
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