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2008 Articles - Page 2

Today in Cleveland baseball history

May 27, 2011
On May 27, 2008, the Indians had a historical game with a triple steal. The steal happened while the Tribe was playing the Chicago White Sox. This game not only made history, but broke the team's 5 game...

St. Michael's Church

September 16, 2010
St. Michael's Church of Chapman, Kansas stands tall, strong, and eloquently giving hope to continue to persevere through the many challenges of life, representing faith and perseverance, and what can be accomplished when both are combined.The night...

Future Ferraris to go from red to green

April 5, 2010
Ferrari, the iconic sports car manufacturer known for its red blooded automo- biles. Well, the company plans to go from red to green! A Green Ferrari will seem a bit unusual indeed. However, the automaker confirms that it is coming...