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  • October 2000 500mb Anomalies
    Tropical troubles could lie ahead, 2000 could be a good October analog
    Tropical WeatherTropical storm Philippe is still hanging around even though it has been plagued periodically by strong wind shear. Philippe could even briefly attain hurricane status in the next day or two before it likely becomes absorbed into a...
  • China Strike Force
    Movie review: China Strike Force (2000)
    Imagine you’re a famous actor named Matt. You’ve played your Toms, your Harrys, your Dicks, and occasionally you’ve even played a Matt too. But since Matt is such a common name, no film-goer breaks out of their reverie to say ...
  • Florida
    Looking back 10 years to the 2000 election and Palm County, Florida
    Yes, it really has been ten years since that never ending night in front of the television when the call went from Gore to Bush to Too Close to Call. It seemed that those days of recounts, chads, and court case to decide who would be president...
  • Recount
    Millennium Election
    The 2000 election was a crazy, exciting time in the history of our nation. The intensity of it all has long since waned, but it was an election for the history books. For those who followed it closely, it was one that issued a dose of humilty to a...
  • Green is a future Ferrari theme!
    Future Ferraris to go from red to green
    Ferrari, the iconic sports car manufacturer known for its red blooded automo- biles. Well, the company plans to go from red to green! A Green Ferrari will seem a bit unusual indeed. However, the automaker confirms that it is coming. The Hybrid...