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  • "Dateline" 2014
    NBC 'Dateline' Robert Shapiro's last case in woman's brutal killing 'The Wire'
    “Dateline” (NBC) can be seen each Friday evening at 9/8 p.m. Last night's episode on Oct. 3, 2014 was called “The Wire.” In the overnight TV ratings it garnered 5.42 million TV viewers overall. It reached 1.1 million TV...
  • Great Lakes Ice 1979
    Great Lakes ice 1979: Lakes are nearing 1979 record with complete freeze over
    The Great Lakes ice cover is nearing 1979 records, which comes as no surprise considering the fact bone-chilling Polar Vortex temps have blanketed half the nation with off and on deep freezes all winter long.According to Wired News on Wednesday,...
  • "Armed Forces"
    Review of "Armed Forces" by Elvis Costello
    By all accounts, "Armed Forces" should be Elvis Costello’s finest album. The first album set the stage, the second album found the right sound, and the third album is the one that refines and perfects it, right? That’s a not...
  • 1979 murder: Man accused of killing a thief in 1979 is finally captured
    1979 murder: Man accused of killing a thief in 1979 is finally captured
    1979 murder: Ata Yousef El Ammouri, 65, was arrested Friday after he got off a flight arriving from Jordan, where he was living. He fled the United States back in 1979 after being accused of killing a thief. The former Chicago shop owner was...
  • Breaking Away
    Breaking Away: The Feel Good Coming of Age Classic (1979)
    The end of youth bliss in the me decade in film mixed cautious innocence with positive aspiration unlike 80s ill fate teen flicks to come. For young consumers, the 70s exhibited a diversity in pop cinema that wasn't dominated by serious...
  • Zombie (1979)
    Italian Gut Munchers! Zombie (1979)
    George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead did not strictly send the United States alone into a frenzy over zombie horror. Italy had also taken notice and they drooled over the ultra-gory horror flicks to the point where...
  • Norma Rae
    Norma Rae: The Workers' Rights Classic (1979)
    In the 60s and 70s cherub faced cutie Sally Field was a young beach movie starlet and a precocious sitcom regular. Soon with acting chops that later grew up in a landmark role in Sybil, she'd graduate to the silver screen as a pint sized movie...
  • Argo
    Movie Review - 'Argo' offers a thrilling story full of international intrigue
    Historical relevance – There’s been a lot of great stories of rescue and heroism over the years, but rarely do these stories make it anywhere past the newspaper or online media. That’s life, but sometimes you run across a story...
  • James Brown
    "In Concert" DVD Review: James Brown Live In Monterey
    Those of us that love music, try to go see our favorite performers live as often as possible, however as is usually the case a variety of factors often get in the way. The two most popular are usually time and money, time because of simply hours...
  • resized_On_the_Waterfront_French.jpg
    Marlon Brando's Greatest Hits
    On the Waterfront French poster 1954 Related articles The Greatest Biker Movies Ever Made Jack Nicholson's Greatest Hits Dennis Hopper's Greatest Hits Martin Scorcese's Greatest Hits Oliver Reed's Greatest Hits "He's the marker. There was...
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