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  • "Carrie" 1976
    Review: Brian De Palma’s ‘Carrie’ brings horror to the prom
    Brian De Palma’s “Carrie” is horror filmmaking at its finest. To be clear, its form is untraditional in that the true horror doesn’t take hold until the film’s final moments... but when it does finally arrive, it will...
  • The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane
    The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane: The Understated Thriller Classic (1976)
    Back in the 70s, you never really wanted to know what a movie was about beforehand because the pick of filmfare often was so off the wall and unpredictable that the entertainment value was in the surprise. And so it was with this little movie that...
  • Network
    Network: The Classic Truth To Power Movie Experience (1976)
    Back in the 70s, this monumental film won 4 Academy Awards in a non-bipolar diverse pop culture that was not as juvenile, ageist or simple minded as it is today. This was the thinking man's movie for ticket buyers fed up with the system. A hip...
  • Network: The Desire To Sensationalize Regardless Of Facts
    Network & The Negative Influences of Mass News Media
    There is going to be a discussion of incivility in politics soon, lead by a collaboration of Northeastern Ohio universities including the University of Akron. It is high time that more events like these happen not only here, but around the country...
  • resized_On_the_Waterfront_French.jpg
    Marlon Brando's Greatest Hits
    On the Waterfront French poster 1954 Related articles The Greatest Biker Movies Ever Made Jack Nicholson's Greatest Hits Dennis Hopper's Greatest Hits Martin Scorcese's Greatest Hits Oliver Reed's Greatest Hits "He's the marker. There was...
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