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Praying parents convicted of murder for the second time

The Schaible's sentencing February 19, 2014. Chief medical examiner, Dr. Gary Collins, showed that the baby (Brandon) suffered from a sunken eye socket, dry lips and a rash on his scalp. (Lighting Their Way Home-Wordpress (photographer unknown))
Catherine and Herbert Schaible will spend the next 3 1/2 to 7 years behind bars for the murder of their second child, only 8-months old. The couple believed Jesus would heal their sick child. The child died of treatable pneumonia. (Vaccine Liberation Army (photographer unknown))
The Schaible's were convicted for killing a second child. This after judge ordered them to get medical attention for any sick child, after their 2-year old, Kent, died from illness in 2009. Religious beliefs prevented them from getting medical help. (Yahoo News (AP Photo/Matt Rourke))
Catherine Schaible, in addition to husband Herbert, believed their faith and religious beliefs would heal their sick baby. (Yahoo News (AP Photo/Matt Rourke))
Catherine Schaible approaching court for sentencing in the death of her second child, Brandon, only 8-months old. (Yahoo News (AP Photo/Matt Rourke))
Catherine and Herbert Schaible turn themselves in Wednesday, May 22, 2013. The couple believed faith healing would cure sick son. (The Blaze (AP photo, photographer unknown))
Catherine and Herbert Schaible were convicted of murder in the death of their 2nd child, Brandon, only 8-months old. Brandon died of complications from treatable pneumonia. (Yahoo News (AP Photo/Philadelphia Police Department, File))
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