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12 Dog Heroes: Canines who care

A firefighter’s dog from the Tuscan Regional Nucleus assists in the rescue search on the cruise ship Costa Concordia off the shore of Giglio, Italy, Jan 16, 2012. (Getty Images)
A dog continues to help with the search for survivors of cruise ship Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy, Jan 16, 2012. (Getty Images)
An officer of the Massachusetts search-and-rescue team uses a dog to search tornado-damaged buildings on Main Street, June 2, 2011 in Springfield, Massachusetts. (Getty Images)
Miami Fire Rescue personnel Sylvia Arango walks with her search and rescue dog, Radar, during a Mass commemorating the anniversary of the Sep 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S. (Getty Images)
A sniffer dog checks the platform at Washington D.C.’s train station to ensure the safety of the British Prime Minister David Cameron as he travels on July 21, 2010. (Getty Images)
Search and Rescuers Melinda Clark and her dog search for possible victims of the tornado that passed through Joplin, Missouri, which killed at least 125 people. May 26, 2011. (Getty Images)
Blind Composer Jacqueline Clifton and her guide dog Henna stand together after Clifton received her MBE (Member of the British Empire) for her service to music and visually impaired people. (Getty Images)
Search and rescue dogs assist in the aftermath of a Southern California Mudslide (Getty Images)
Search and Rescue personal Melinda Clark and her dog search for survivors of the tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri on May 26, 2011. (Getty Images)
Before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge lift-off from the Yellowknife Airport in Yellowknife, Canada, a sniffer dog checks the luggage for the flight. (Getty Images)
K9 Search and Rescue Specialist Tracy Sargent and her team’s dog, Cinco, search for survivors in the tornado aftermath in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on May 2, 2011. (Getty Images)
The K9 Search and Rescue Specialists Inc. cadaver dog, Chance, helps look for bodies among the tornado damage in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 2011. (Getty Images)
The British Prime Minister David Cameron meets Espen, an explosives sniffer dog in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, June 11, 2010. (Getty Images)
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