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I recently discovered a website called Zulily. Every day they offer a set of new discounted items from different brands on their website. These sales go on for a few days. They have kids items like clothes, shoes, and toys. They sell women's shoes, clothes, and jewelry. They also sell household things like decorations.

Most of these items are being sold at a great price! They are able to offer this discount because when their customers order they send out for a bulk shipment from the stores selling these items they give them a discount to buy the amount that they do. I've been on this website for about 2 weeks now and have already ordered 5 times! It's a new guilty pleasure of mine. I've bought Easter and birthday gifts for my two boys, and birthday gifts for my niece and nephew.

Once you purchase something on Zulily, you will receive free shipping for the rest of that day. This can be a bit annoying seeing as you just bought a bunch of things and had to pay shipping and then you get offered the free shipping in case you want more stuff.

You can earn credits towards purchases by having friends sign up for the website and ordering items as well. Overall I give this site 5 stars. I love the discounted items along with there being new events daily. My husband and my wallet don't like me spending time on this website but it's just too amazing to pass up. Check it out at