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ZOYA Smoke & Mirrors Collection

smoke and mirrors collection
smoke and mirrors collection

Zoya's Smoke & Mirrors Nail Polish Collections


ZOYA Smoke & Mirrors Collection

Since I got back to Oregon, I have been putting on a different nail color every week. Plus a color every week for my toe nails! The sad thing is, I have friends that change their colors every other day. Although it takes a lot of time and carefulness, with my experience the more I put on nail polish the more my nails look like I went to a salon.

My new favorite collection is Zoya’s Smoke & Mirrors collection. Although summer is in full bloom here in Oregon, it is time to start thinking about Fall. I know, the time has just flown by! Zoya’s newest collections consist of twelve colors. These colors are sultry and sexy that will match with any occasion.

The Smoke collection has

Jana – light grayish purple

Petra – dark and smoky gray

Codie – blackened espresso

Anja – winelike purple

Cynthia – smoky, blackish blue

Dree – light olive green

The Mirrors collections has

Jem – red toned purple with shimmer

Neeka – amethyst with shimmer

Yara – smoky olive with shimmer

Tao – smoky blue with shimmer

Marina – smoky gray with shimmer

Nimue – smoky, light purple with shimmer

Each nail polish can be purchased individually at $8 or sets can be purchased for $48. Anyone can buy them online on the Zoya website or in Eugene at the Chikara Salon & Spa.