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Zombies meet romance in new ebook 'The Zombie Wife'

'The Zombie Wife' by Alexandrinha Abbott
'The Zombie Wife' by Alexandrinha Abbott
Pudding Press

"The Zombie Wife" by Alexandrinha Abbott


Zombies meet romance in the new erotica horror release from author Alexandrinha Abbott. Publication date is May 4, 2013. The story follows a character named William as he returns from a deployment overseas to find that his beloved wife Pam has been turned into a zombie by a terrible biological weapon.

Thanks to an explicit list of instructions from his zombie wife, William is able to maintain his physical connection with Pam. Yes, that means he has sex with a zombie.

It is a sweet but twisted tale of what one man will do to fulfill his wife's final wishes and how things never really turn out as planned, especially when zombies are involved.

Here is the author's description of the "The Zombie Wife":

When he vowed that he'd love her forever, this wasn't what he meant.

William returned from overseas and discovered that a mysterious illness had taken away the wife he knew forever, but that didn't mean he could stop loving her.

Bringing new meaning to the old expression, "True love never dies," "The Zombie Wife" is built along the lines of "The Walking Dead" meets "Fifty Shades of Grey."

"The Zombie Wife" is available exclusively on, and a promotional copy was provided for review.