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Zombie book review: Wrath (Adrian's Undead Diary #5) by Chris Philbrook

Wrath by Chris Philbrook
Chris Philbrook

Wrath by Chris Philbrook


Wrath is the fifth book in the Adrian's Undead Diary series, and to date, it is Chris Philbrook's most intense and emotional book. The first four books have hinted to a spiritual subplot, and Wrath answers many questions that have been pontificated by readers.

The significance of the number three is revealed, and the players are making their way to the chess board like the pawns they are. Adrian's role is now clear, and some shocking saboteurs have been named. Loved ones, both to Adrian and readers, are lost in the epic and ongoing battle of good vs. evil.

The story so far:

  1. Dark Recollections
  2. Alone No More
  3. Midnight
  4. The Failed Coward
  5. Wrath

Readers will be given insight into the Trinity; as some of it's members and hints are given at an end game to come. Adrian has been named as the scribe, big shocker, right? Michelle, being led to parts unknown by a dead boy from Africa, will be the savior. But who or what will she save? Wrath will leave readers to speculate who will penned as the Warden.

Wrath will toy with your emotions, and if by now you're invested in the story, it's quite possible you may shed a tear or two as you read this installment. Have no fear, readers will still have plenty of gut-busting laughs, and will send Adrian a telepathic fist-bump as he finally gets 'some'. The Adrian's Undead Diary series is a must read for anyone who loves a great zombie tale, some good raunchy humor, and intense action.