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Zombie book review: 'Preservation' (Vaccination #3) by Phillip Tomasso

'Preservation' by Phillip Tomasso
Phillip Tomasso

'Preservation' (Vaccination #3) by Phillip Tomasso


The much anticipated third and final book in the 'Vaccination' trilogy by Phillip Tomasso has been released. 'Preservation' wastes no time getting to the devastation and the action doesn't let up until the last page. Chase, along with the few remaining members of his family and friends arrive at a small airport in hopes of finding a working plane. Their plan remains the same; get to Mexico. Before the end of even the first chapter, the group suffers multiple catastrophic losses.

Chase is having nightmares; flashbacks of better times with his children that morph into sinister visions. Charlene, Chase's daughter, still blames herself for the loss of her little brother Cash. To say morale is low would be a gross understatement. If Chase thinks he's hit rock bottom, he's sadly mistaken. Not only have the undead gotten smarter, making them harder to evade, but other survivors have chosen to pillage instead of banding together to fight for survival of the human race. The carnage is unrelenting, as one by one the group's numbers dwindle. Who, if anyone, will live? Who will die? And who will be the last man, woman or child standing?

'Preservation' is Tomasso's Pièce de résistance. The development of Charlene's character is exquisite, almost to the point overshadowing the main protagonist. When introduced in Vaccination she was a mere child with abandonment issues, frightened and needing to be led. She has progressed to being a dominant member of the group, contributing well conceived ideas and emotionally carrying the adults in their times of mental breakdown.

With the amount of loss in the last installment of the 'Vaccination' series, it's difficult to reconcile the title 'Preservation' with it's content. It's a bloodbath, and no one is exempt. They say to go out on top, and that is exactly what Phillip Tomasso has done. 'Preservation' will tear readers apart emotionally and leave them gasping for air between sobs.

  1. Vaccination
  2. Evacuation
  3. Preservation
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