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Zombie book review: 5 stars to The Hungry #1 by Steven Booth and Harry Shannon

The Hungry, Book 1

The Hungry by Steven Booth and Harry Shannon


Silver tongued Nevada Sheriff Penny Miller fights her way through hordes of zombies in The Hungry, book one of the Sheriff Penny Miller series by Steven Booth and Harry Shannon. Clad in the wedding dress from her failed marriage, Penny is forced to team up with her jealous ex-husband and a felonious biker as she tries to outrun both the living dead and the military unit responsible for the outbreak.

The Hungry offers readers an engaging and action-packed work of fiction cleverly penned using third person narration. Building a solid foundation of zombie must-haves, Booth and Shannon leave their signature on the genre with a successful amalgamation of originality and three dimensional characters readers can’t help but connect with.

Best-selling horror author Joe McKinney describes Penny as ‘a great choice to play the The Hungry's lead role. The ladies want to be her, the guys want to do her. From a strictly commercial standpoint, she's solid gold.’ This leading lady is quick to deliver a piercing barb and a good old fashioned kick to the groin. Women everywhere will raise their hands in solidarity for this strong female protagonist and men will bow to her take-charge, no nonsense authority.

The pace is fast, the story is intense, and the humor is in no short supply as Penny shows the undead who’s boss. Appropriate for a mature audience, The Hungry will leave readers begging for more.