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Zoe Bell is in a fight for her life in ‘Raze’



Ever since she was thrust out of the shadows of the stunt world and into the limelight in ‘Death Proof’ Zoe Bell has been tearing up the screen like only she can. Now she is stepping into the lead once again for her latest Raze, but does it pack the punch fans have come to expect or will it be a fight she just can’t win?

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Raze follows a group of women being held captive and forced to fight to the death using their bare hands. But when one woman decides she has had enough will she have what it takes to fight her way out or will she be stuck in this rock lined arena forever? In addition to Bell, this film sports a decent cast including Rachel Nichols, Doug Jones and Sherilyn Fenn, but also reunites Bell with her ‘Death Proof’ co-star Tracie Thoms with each of them bringing their own flare to their roles. The story is really simple leaving the action and mystery of it all to really sell it as a whole. From the moment this film kicks off you know that this is more than just an action movie, but also has some horrific twists. Make no mistake, this is not a horror film in anyway, but the brutality of it all is pretty intense at times, most notably with the first fight of the film. Bell does an excellent job with this role bringing the pain, which isn’t much a surprise, but also gets a chance to showcase a wide variety of emotions that helps to elevate the film. The fighting in this film is geared more towards survival and less on style and flare which helps its gritty raw tone. There are some interesting twists and turns in the film that take it out of the realm of average, with a couple of them that will surely shock you.

There is a sequence near the end of the film that came out of left field and could likely anger people for a bit but stick with it and it will all turn around on some level. One of the bravest moments to the film was the choice of the ending. They bypassed the normal expected finale and took it to another level.