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Zeal for life and energy

Zeal for life containers.
Zeal for life containers.
Edward Cardona

Zeal For Life


Is there a way for us to get the most out of life? Especially the energy we need to spend a full day moving!

Perhaps with the Zeal for life products. Would you try it for 90 days?

Gene and Debra Harms have a booth near the north end of the field. You can get a sample taste and see how much energy you have afterwards. The author tried out both the “Zeal wellness” drink and the “Zeal protein shake for two days.” After walking back and forth north to south a few times, hunger did not come at so-called dinner time. Had no need to eat at all. Now, that is some good stuff! Going to try the 90 day challenge!

Tell Gene and Debra that Ed Cardona sent you to try it out. Yes, it is so good!

Here is the challenge for:

  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Exercise for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Weight Management
  • Balanced Nutrition

How about testing it?

Debra and Gene Harms

  • PO Box 711
  • Noble, OK 73068
  • 405-255-9811 or 405-808-3935

Zeal for life web site

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