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Zayna's: an unexpected pleasure on an odd afternoon

Look for this pretty restaurant front and enjoy wonderful food.
Look for this pretty restaurant front and enjoy wonderful food.
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Zayna's Middle Eastern Restaurant in Tucson AZ


As I was attempting to attend the graduation of one of my friends from the University of Arizona in Tucson, several of us decided to meet at a restaurant I had never visited before. It is called Zayna's and it specializes in very high-quality Middle Eastern food.

One of their most popular dishes is their vegan plate, I understand, and it certainly was good. From my observation, their hummus is gorgeous, dressed with extra-virgin olive oil and served with pita. Their fries are seasoned with zippy spices and you can get ketchup to dip them in and feel right at home.

They have more than one kind of iced tea, but I ordered black tea and infused it with fresh lemon. The flavor was exquisite. My party ordered various other dishes and they all arrived promptly, looking appetizing.

This occasion took place before my husband and I went to Los Angeles to take care of some business, so it kind of put me on a Middle Eastern tour of the West when I tried the food counter at the Los Angeles Farmers' Market that also features Middle Eastern food. I have to say that Tucson was better, because hummus should be drizzled with olive oil, and they left that out in L. A.

The best way to get to Zayna's is to go north on Country Club from anywhere south of Speedway, and then turn right (towards Wilmot). You will see Zayna's on your right and it will be easy to turn into their parking lot. If you are coming from any location north of Speedway, just hook up to Country Club and turn left when you get there.

It appears that Zayna's is patronized by University students quite a bit--or at least those who are interested in healthful food--so if you are a student of working twenty-something, you will probably see folks like yourself there. However, it doesn't matter if you don't because I recommend that anyone visit Zayna's often for their delicious and healthful menu.

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