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Zales: A Local Leader in Fine Jewelry

Zales Jewelers


While out on a recent shopping trip with one of my closest gal friends, I had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the typical customer's experience at the fine jewelry retail outlet, Zales. We visited the Elizabethtown location situated inside Towne Mall at 1704 North Dixie Highway. For shoppers in the Louisville area, Zales is located inside of Mall St Matthews at 5000 Shelbyville Road. While on our shopping trip, we noticed several things about Zales that sets them apart from most fine jewelry retailers in the area- their selection of merchandise, affordability, and customer service.

Zales Jewelers offers local shoppers quality merchandise and personalized customer service.


The Elizabethtown Zales has an array of jewelry styles on hand. As I perused the jewelry cases, I noticed a collection advertised as "Candy Colored Stones." This displays showcased rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with vibrant stones. The lighting in the store really set off the gems; hot pink, brilliant green, and a deep island blue glittered back at any passers-by.

After I had a pleasurable eyeful of the breathtaking "Candy Colored Stones," I decided to check out Zales' watch selections. The only brands this location generally carries are Citizens and Bulova. Even so, the store has a variety of types of watches from these brands- the antique style pocket watches were pretty impressive. There were also several types of wrist watches available in different metals and designs. One of my personal favorites was a women's gold wristwatch with a mother-of-pearl face. However, shoppers aren't limited to the store's on site merchandise; the company's website lists more brands for consumers to choose from, some of which can only be ordered online.

After viewing other jewelry cases, it was also apparent that Zales is in tune to market demands. For one thing, I noticed several pieces of message jewelry. My personal favorite was an "I Love You" bracelet comprised of both yellow and rose gold. A few jewelry cases over from my beloved bracelet, I also spotted several jewelry pieces featuring black and white diamonds. This was an important observation, because it's been only recently that the black diamonds and onyx stones have blipped on the radar with consumer trends. This time last year, I was on a desperate search for a black and white diamond wedding band, and it was several weeks before I could locate one reasonably priced on the internet available in a size 4. If anyone in the local area is on a search for this type of stone, Zales would be the most likely place to find it.

However, the most impressive thing about Zales is their ban on conflict diamonds. Zales Jewelers all across the nation guarantee the diamonds and any jewelry they carry containing diamonds are purchased from reputable vendors adhering to this policy. In fact, Zales strictly follows the "Clean Diamond Trade Act," by educating all of their associates on their "Conflict Free Diamond Program" and frequently self-audits to ensure everyone involved is in compliance with policies regarding conflict free diamonds. On your next visit to Zales, be sure to ask the attending associate about information on the policy, how it affects you as a consumer, and how it is stated in your warranty.


Early into the outing, my friend and I noticed the numerous signs advertising the outlet's sales and clearance items. If I had been in a blimp, I couldn't have missed it. The sale prices were also marked clearly and easy to identify, which is a great feature since it eliminates any confusion for customers in understanding what price they're actually paying for a particular item. It's also safe to say the prices I observed listed were competitive when taking into account prices of other fine jewelry retailers.

Additionally, Zales also has a credit program available to consumers that allows one to make affordable monthly payments based on their personal credit rating. This program is available to customers seeking fine jewelry who may not have the cash up front. Zales' vision in creating this program was to offer customers high quality products at affordable prices. Zales first set up shop in 1924 and introduced this program after 20 years of being in business. Taking into account the company's long life span, consumers can also be assured they are purchasing products from a reputable company that isn't "fly by night," and will be available to assist them in the future should they encounter any problems with the product.

Customer Service:

During our entire visit, my friend and I were made to feel welcome in the store and were greeted by attentive staff. The jewelry specialist quickly assisted my friend in her purchase and even cleaned one of her other articles of jewelry for her at no charge. This proved to us that Zales associates go above and beyond a customer's baseline expectations. The jewelry specialist was also very personable and chatty with us during our visit. It was obvious that Zales knows how to retain customers; the friendly atmosphere the jewelers create makes one want to go back for future business.

Overall, our shopping experience with Zales Jewelers was pleasant. The store was appealing and the customer service was exceptional. Zales Jewelers boasts they are the industry's leaders in fine jewelry, and based on the shopping experience we had with the company, there is no doubt the company lives up to that statement. I would also consider being surrounded by pretty things a bonus. Who doesn't like that?

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