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ZAAZ high chair from Nuna

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ZAAZ high chair from Nuna


When our first child was born my wife and I decided to keep most of the big things like the crib, stroller, car seat and high chair just in case we decided to have another baby. Boy are we glad we did because it saved us a lot of money, however there was a quite a few years between both kids so the high chair we used for our first child was recalled years later unbeknownst to us since we had finished using it.

My wife and I were thrilled when Nuna offered to send their ZAAZ™ high chair to us for review. We remember seeing their chair and Nuna’s other product the LEAF™ in the store and thinking how cool looking it was. In case you are not familiar with Nuna, a father of two who wanted baby products that combined style with functionality founded the company in 2007. He traveled to the Netherlands and found a passionate, young product team in Amsterdam, which is a breeding ground of smart design and created Nuna. Today, the collection consists of smart baby gear that is also stylish, safe and solid.

When the ZAAZ arrived, the first thing we noticed was the size of the chair. It was much smaller and less cumbersome than the previous chair we had. Of course you can’t miss the modern design of the chair. The sleek leg base, chic color options and smart look makes it feel like designer furniture. Due to the size of the chair, this is a great option for families with space issues. It's perfect for apartment living!

Another fantastic feature of this chair is that it grows with your child. It is designed to be height adjustable with removable features (like the food tray) that allow children to use it from the time they can sit up unaided to adulthood or 220 lbs. Yup that’s right adults can use it as well once you take off the plastic components and turn it into a regular chair. With the height adjustment, we were able make the chair the same height as our dining table and the tray fit right under the table. The baby was able to be right next to us, and it was much easier to feed him and see him.

The seat cushion is really comfortable too. It’s a unique air-foam cushion that custom-fits each chair and pads both small and bigger bottoms. The cushions are so intricate; they take an hour to make. They are BPA, PVC, and DEHP free. The chair also has a five-point harness to keep baby secure and you can switch to three-point as your child grows.

Another feature that we loved and other parents will too is how easy it is to clean this chair. The chair has a no-crevice design so cleaning up crumbs is a dream. It’s also easy to wipe down any spills on the cushion.

This is a fantastic demo video of the ZAAZ. It really gives you a feel for how the chair works. The ZAAZ high chair is available in three colors: Almond, Plum or Pewter. The suggested price for the chair is $249.95 and it can be purchased on here on Nuna's website. For more information on Nuna and its products as well as to find out which boutiques near you carry the brand please visit