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Yummy Cura Coffee makes us feel good in so many ways!

Cura Coffee
Cura Coffee

Cura Coffee


I have another great new product to rave about! Plus, this one helps kids get necessary dental care! Talk about a win-win!

Cura Coffee.

A couple of weeks ago a reader reached out to me about a wonderful feel good company: Cura Coffee! They sent me a couple of bags of whole coffee beans to play with and taste, to see what I thought and my husband (and some of my coworkers) have really been having fun with this!

The coffee is delicious and yummy just as the Cura Coffee website suggests. But we also do something with coffee beans that maybe not everyone does... we make coffee bean candy!

Personally, I don't drink coffee - but my husband does, and so do many of our friends and relatives. I took some to work (ground the beans in my Vitamix) and they loved Cura Coffee too!

We reviewed the medium and dark roast coffee beans.

The medium roast beans delivers a full and rich coffee flavor with just a hint of fruit flavor. Very fresh! Yes, slight nutty flavor and bit mocha, as their site suggests. You will love this coffee, even without cream, milk, etc. One of my taste testers said they normally always add milk and sugar, but with this particular coffee none was needed! Now, that's a GREAT review!

I loved the medium beans in my chocolate candies too! I guess it's something about the fiber in the beans allow me to process the caffeine without the other negative physical effects I get from drinking coffee.

The feel good part of this story (aside from the rich flavor of the coffee) is that you're helping expand sustainable dental care to children who otherwise may not receive high quality dental care.

The results of the dark roast coffee tasting... Robust! If you like dark roast coffee's you're going to be excited about this one!

We've ordered K-Cups and will let you know in our next review how those go over (as well as, how the ordering process and delivery goes).

So what about those chocolate covered coffee beans?

Well, now and then I love to make little chocolate coffee candies. They are always so decadent. I use the beans whole (recipe below) to make chocolate flavored coffee beans, and also coffee bean chocolate candy patties. Both work out really nicely for party desserts!

My office staff raves about the chocolate covered coffee beans! Many comments included:

  • Just a few gave me an energy boost
  • I didn't feel any caffeine jitters but felt a little jolt
  • Love the combination of flavors!
  • Really good!

About the Cura Coffee company:

This company sells coffee direct to you via their website. They offer three different roasts of coffee, light, medium, and dark. They also offer K-Cup versions of the coffee. They also offer shirts. Proceeds benefit furthering sustainable dental work to people in remote areas of the world. Cura Coffee promotes fundraising efforts - sign up on their website here: Fundraising with Cura Coffee!

Chocolate coffee bean recipe

  • Melt over low heat your favorite dark chocolate bars (1 large 3.5 ounce Green & Black's Organic)
  • Using tongs dip individual coffee beans into the chocolate (yes this can take time so work with a partner if possible to go quicker)
  • Drop to parchment paper (or wax paper) place in fridge to set (harden) about an hour.
  • Sprinkle with raw cocoa powder or powdered sugar (optional)

Coffee and chocolate patties

  • Melt over low heat your favorite dark chocolate bars (I use 2 large 3.5 ounce Green & Black's Organic)
  • Crush 1/3 cup of coffee beans and gently stir into the chocolate
  • Stir in a couple drops of pure peppermint essential oil (if desired)
  • Drop by teaspoons to parchment paper place in fridge to set (harden) about an hour.

Here's more information about Cura Coffee. Please send me a note and let me know how you like it!

Order Cura Coffee direct from there here: Cura Coffee

You can feel so good about how you're helping the kids of Nicaragua receive excellent and needed dental care by training and equipping local Nicaraguans to provide dental services throughout the year by supporting Cura Coffee.

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, vibrant, and beautiful. Be who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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