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Yuki No Bosha limited release Junmai Ginjo sake review

Yuki No Bosha Limited Release
Ken Kansky



The 300ml limited release bottle of sake is imported by Joto Sake LLC and can be found in most liquor stores throughout the Boston Metro area and beyond. Although I find the packaging to be clever, with an almost rice paper label, I wish the top closure was a bit more finished in comparison with the frosted edged square bottle shape.

This Sake with wondrous floral citrus and vanilla notes of pure excellence does not disappoint. With 16% alcohol by volume it surely packs a strong punch with very little effort. This Japanese Sake is produced by the Saiya Shuzoten, Yurihonjo, Akita-Ken beweries of Japan where the pure rice has been refined by 60 percent or more for the Junmai Ginjo level.

I recommend this sake chilled with fresh hot teriyaki sticks of simmering meat before venturing out into the fresh brisk city air for a fall walk around town or perhaps meandering by the ocean with early September’s hurricane boosted wind driven waves.

Remember a little goes a long way so drink responsibly.

Prepared by Ken Kansky of


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